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  • I think is the biggest demonstration that we've seen so far.

  • Here in European, probably 5 to 10,000 people marching through the center of the capital, calling for Nicole passion in the country's prime minister to step down.

  • Periodically, they break into chance of Nicole W.

  • John, which means Nicole traitor calling out for him to step down.

  • They basically sold our land, the victims off Armenia.

  • He sold Armenia.

  • Let me let me ask you a question saying she's supposed to be.

  • What would you dio he had?

  • He says he had to make a peace deal because Armenia was losing.

  • No, he has to resign because he's the person who presented our lands to other budget, to Turks, to terrorists who are fighting against our peaceful population.

  • This is not a piece, because when you give our land toe a nen ime, this will start.

  • This is what after five years, they just start after 10 years.

  • But the ball will start.

  • This is not a piece.

  • Your prime minister said he had no choice that if he had kept on fighting he had a choice.

  • Hey had a choice.

  • He had the choice 10 days ago here The choice one month ago.

  • He had the choice now to resign.

  • Yes, but let's choice.

  • If he resigns, what problem does that solve?

  • Would you go back to war with Azerbaijan?

  • Wearing an army is strong enough was strong enough to continue more until wins.

  • It is part of this peace agreement.

  • That's Bean signed.

  • Now Azerbaijan will keep a significant chunk of it, and Armenia will have to give up some or territories alongside.

  • Russian peacekeepers are already being deployed.

  • But as you can see here in Yerevan is considerable pressure on the prime minister.

  • Here in Armenia, where they will we have to survive.

  • It will just have to wait and see.

I think is the biggest demonstration that we've seen so far.

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