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  • on the right.

  • You see the season that collar Murray is having and as you see their arm or yards their arm or touchdowns, and there is a higher total Q B R than the one on the left.

  • The one on the left is what Lamar Jackson last year, his MVP season, a season that left us all saying it was one of the great seasons that any quarterback has ever had in NFL history and led him to win the unanimous M V P Award.

  • So again, the numbers suggest that through eight games right now, Kyler Murray is putting up a better season.

  • Then Lamar Jackson did a year ago.

  • So let's have a little fun looking at them, looking at their teams and their situations.

  • Dominic Fox with I'll start with you.

  • If you had to bet your house that palatial estate of yours down there in our nation's capital, which one of them wins the Super Bowl first, Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray?

  • Oh, yeah, I think that is Lamar Jackson because of everything that's around him.

  • While I think that Lamar is probably Mawr important to his offense than Kyler, Murray is, I think Lamar has a lot better coaching situation, a better organization and a phenomenal defense.

  • I think all of those reasons make it more likely that the Ravens win a Super Bowl more in the next few years quicker than Kyler Murray, though I think collar Murray is probably, ah better young prospect than Lamar Jackson.

  • I think that the Ravens are a better organization.

  • A better team was the last time you heard of a bad Ravens team like it just doesn't happen them in the Steelers.

  • They find a way to be competitive all the time.

  • Unquestionably.

  • But competitive is one thing, and winning a championship is another that sometimes something someone just jumps up and does.

  • But I'm interested in what you just said there Quickly.

  • You said Kyler is a better young prospect.

  • If you were starting a team and you could start it with either one of those two guys absent anything else, Which one are you taking?

  • I mean, my heart wants to say Lamar Jackson, but I think that my brain, obviously like Kyler, Murray is incredibly accurate as a passer and is a dynamic runner and doesn't take nearly as many hits as Lamar Jackson.

  • I love Lamar Jackson, and he is a great player.

  • But if you can have a guy who can throw passes like that consistently Whippet outside the numbers with accuracy consistently and also when he's in trouble, we have a lot of trouble and make five yards out of what should be a second.

  • Also go for a 30 yard touchdown run on occasion like that to me, seems like a better prospect to build a team around than Lamar Jackson.

  • Unfortunately, what do you think, Ryan?

  • You know what I love.

  • I love Dominique.

  • You know, he he comes on here and because he has a time to the Pittsburgh Steelers, he wants to say that everything is glowing and it's great that they will beat the Bengals.

  • And then he gets to his Ravens.

  • And it's like, When have you ever seen a bad Ravens team?

  • The Ravens are always in it.

  • He should say he should say he should say what the truth is.

  • When you ask that question, he said, you know, the Baltimore Ravens because of everything they have around them.

  • What he probably should have said is, if Kyler Murray right now was the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens.

  • We'd have much more confidence in them toe win the Super Bowl, period.

  • We would.

  • It wouldn't be a discussion.

  • We wouldn't be sitting here talking like, You know what?

  • Yeah, they can, because the quarterbacks really good, because the team is really good and everybody loves the color purple.

  • It looks good on uniforms.

  • He wouldn't have said all that.

  • He would have been like, if collar merge the quarterback of this team.

  • I see them in the in the A F C championship, going toe to toe, head to head with the Kansas City Chiefs because he does add that extra dimension.

  • And this is not knocking Lamar Jackson at all.

  • Sometimes you got to choose between Kobe and Shaq or pending and shock.

  • Sometimes you got to choose on whether you're gonna sign wheezy a little Turk.

  • You gotta make these decisions.

  • And in making this decision, if you were starting your team, Kyler Murray would be your guy.

  • It's not that I wouldn't take Lamar.

  • It's just that with what I've seen from them, even with Lamar within the M v P.

  • If I had to put one at quarterback and say This guy takes X team to the championship.

  • I'd always pick Kyler Murray first.

  • I don't know.

  • I don't I don't know which one you're insulting because I don't know who you're calling Little Turk, but that's an insult on one of them.

  • And also also, I hate you because you know me so well.

  • You're right.

  • I don't wanna be the one to say that because I love Lamar Jackson and I love Baltimore where I was born in the Ravens organization.

  • But you're right.

  • Kyler Murray on the Baltimore Ravens, I think is, is more formidable than Lamar Jackson.

  • As formidable is, Lamar Jackson is ask you.

  • If you think every team in the NFL had a chance to make that choice, how would it fall?

  • I think it would be tough.

  • I I think maybe Lamar because they've seen Mawr of him.

  • But I mean, Kyler went 31 picks earlier than Lamar.

  • He ought to be the better prospect.

  • It's a tough one.

  • I mean, it's like picking between deciding whether you want to agree with Ryan Clark or Dominic Fox worth of both so darn good.

  • But hey, I would take take Lamar tiebreaker for May.

  • I mean, like Tyler hasn't got any bigger since he got in the league, right?

  • Like that's still a concern.

  • Going forward a little bit doesn't seem to have impacted him in any adverse way.

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