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  • we've talked about this.

  • I think you might have something.

  • You say that anybody who works in Hollywood in entertainment is really part of a scam.

  • You think the whole town is a scam?

  • Absolutely.

  • We just get lucky if the scam that were participating in turns out to be legitimate.

  • You know how many dark alleyways I've gone down like, Oh, I could get an audition or I could be killed.

  • Hey, but you're, like, got to see if there's an audition down there.

  • Yeah, Yeah, sure.

  • Yeah.

  • That was the most cheerful way anyone's ever said.

  • Or I could be killed or I could be killed.

  • Uh, that's the spice of life in Hollywood.

  • You just never know.

  • But the whole thing about I mean, when you think about it, I remembered when I got started, you know, taking acting classes or improv classes, and you have to pay.

  • And then they tell you, you know what?

  • You could use another round of classes, Bond.

  • You totally get the sense that well, I'm getting stage time, but I'm actually also laying out cash That's a little suspicious.

  • It's a little bit multilevel marketing, like you get to one level, and they're like, Oh, but wouldn't you like to know how to make believe in orange?

  • You should take another glimpse prop class, you know, so right there's tears, but I love it.

  • It's one of my favorite scams.

  • To get involved in is like a big scam.

  • What?

  • We all know that we're paying money, Toby seen on stage.

  • But we've all accepted that we're being conned.

  • And then what about, like you say headshots, the whole idea of headshots, that whole industry.

  • If you got to get your head shot, you think that's a scam?

  • Oh, hashtag two.

  • Definitely a scam.

  • All you need to dio get into the head shot game is shoot one famous person or famous adjacent person and then use that picture to the wheels.

  • Fall off.

  • I once took photos with a photographer who took pictures of Denzel Washington's daughter, and I'm like, Oh, this is very close to Thio now why you went with this photographer?

  • Yes, and he had me out on the street in the middle of Brooklyn, dodging cars in between photos, and I just thought that was normal.

  • He didn't have a studio.

  • He was like much like I'm like, this is my office.

  • He was like, this alleyway.

  • Is my office now standing by those bricks, girl?

  • Uh, and did he even have a camera?

  • Told me he at least had a camera.

  • He was doing a lot of this.

  • Now that I think about that's a giveaway, that it's just that, yeah, the fact that no camera ever came out.

  • Okay, what's your advice?

  • If someone out there is watching right now and they aspire to be a scammer, what's your advice to them?

  • Because you're such an expert.

  • My advice is confidence is key.

  • You know, everyone scammers have something that's so interesting to me, which is that they feel like they belong everywhere they go, and they look like that way they posture that way.

  • And so I'm always telling people, like, really fake it till you make it, because nobody knows what they're doing out here.

  • We're all just throwing stuff at the wall, seeing what sticks so believe that you can stay, believe you can con believe you can do robbery, and you can do fraud.

  • That's the most inspirational speech I've heard in a long time.

  • And I know that half the country is going to disagree with me.

  • But I do think part of the secret formula for someone like Trump is he can see the results of an election and just look in the camera and say, Nope, I won, I won And that's what's And he believes it and he makes other people believe it.

  • And then suddenly everyone around him is going.

  • Yeah, yeah, he won.

  • He he might be the best.

  • He might be the best thing ever.

  • He's one of the greatest.

  • Like when you're talking iconic con artists like he's up there.

  • That's the Mount Rushmore.

  • He needs to be on a scam.

  • Rushmore on his face and that hair Come on, that Harris fraud.

  • That hair is robbery.

  • Let's not go after weird hair, okay?

  • I sympathize with the man.

  • And trust me, that's been a big part of my con since day one is what I do is a good car.

  • Noticed distracts.

  • And so what I did is I distracted with this.

  • You got away with all kinds of bullshit.

  • In the meantime, that's how I made it.

  • Yeah, we distract code and I love a good bang.

  • Alright, I love a good baying.

  • And I will say that, Trump, When I found out that they booked the Four Seasons total landscaping, I, for one didn't know if it was an accident, cause I was like, maybe they're trying to save some coins.

  • Maybe maybe they did wanna have it at the landscaping between the shop, then the crematorium.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, they needed to make some money and they figured, Well, get a lot of press for doing this.

  • And s So maybe that was a scam.

  • Maybe that worked.

  • It was cute.

we've talked about this.

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