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  • the N B A and the Players Association came to an agreement just after midnight last night on the financial parameters of next season.

  • The Board of Governors expected to ratify the agreement today.

  • So here's the details.

  • Free agency is going to start on November 20th at six O'clock Eastern, the December 22nd start with a 72 game season now locked in the salary cap.

  • That's gonna be just over $109 million and it's going to increase between three and 10% each season.

  • Going forward.

  • That gives teams the ability to plan.

  • Plus the salary.

  • Escrow will not exceed 20% and is going to get spread out for potentially two more seasons after this year to accommodate the loss of revenue.

  • Remember, the owners were initially looking for 40% all in one year, and guys were like, I don't want you to take half my salary next season, so they're gonna get the same amount of money.

  • Just spread it out over the next three years.

  • There's also a luxury tax adjustment.

  • We'll get to that later in the show.

  • Richard.

  • It's a lot of different pieces here, and some of it seems kind of a little clerical, but this is what makes the MBA work or all these numbers and dates and things.

  • Yes, and I think the key thing here is that the Players Association and the league agreed to this.

  • So when everyone's agreeing to it, we understand that there's a give and take, and especially in this situation, when there's been such a crazy year, there is no we're gonna dig our heels into the ground on this moment is like, No, look, we all have to come together for a compromise And Michelle Roberts is one of the best in the business, So she she made sure Adam Silver is one of the best in the business, if not the best commissioner in all of sports.

  • So if they agreed on on these parameters, that means that these air fair and balanced and there's more coming up right to agree on.

  • So it's a good sign to your point.

  • There's there's so much more to figure out.

  • Yeah, this was a tough situation because most of the time when we're talking about labor versus management managers trying to get one over right like that's usually the C B A negotiations, I would say our little kind of a little underhanded, but this time is legitimate.

  • Like there really are massive losses in revenue that they're going to affect how we can keep this whole business going and without fans coming in, that thing is ongoing.

  • And so for them to come to an agreement and an agreement where I thought the players really made out pretty well for themselves.

  • Rachel off there, you said they got the smoothing that they refused, you know, four years ago when the Cavs spike.

  • But I mean, that is very important for players.

  • And again, the Steph Curry's in the world, the Russell Westbrook's.

  • Those guys.

  • We're fine.

  • We're talking about the Trauma Waters and the Taco Falls and the Devon Carter's.

  • And guys like that, guys who are literally making their first little bit of money in their life.

  • For them, they have 40% withheld.

  • That would have been owner before tax before your agent.

  • That stuff?

  • Absolutely.

  • Now, the part of this agreement that I'm still waiting to see is what they're going to do for health protocols.

  • And we saw this with the bubble right they came up with the playoff format, which teams would be invited before they release the health protocols, in part because they are so complicated and take so long to work out every detail.

  • Just because they came last didn't mean that they used the least care.

  • Richard, you and I were in the bubble, there were a lot of them and guess what?

  • They worked.

  • That being said, this is not a bubble.

  • And so I will just keep saying that there are going to be positive tests.

  • This is going to be harder than the NFL or Major League baseball because you are playing indoors.

  • You are trying to play multiple games a week as opposed to having a six day break like NFL teams due to figure out if they have a positive test.

  • If it's spread, this is three or four games a week and it is indoors and guys on top of each other.

  • It's gonna be it's not.

  • It's not gonna way.

  • I think that was key to getting started early and playing, saying you're gonna play 72 games.

  • Realistically, you know that there is not going to be one single team that probably completes all 72 games.

  • Whether it's a pause, uh, you know, some sort of like rescheduling, But I think the key is like, Hey, if we start early, we try and play 72 games that will get us to that magical number of, like 60 plus that they probably need 70 for a lot of the local TV.

  • Exactly.

  • So that that gives them some leeway.

  • If you start and you started 70 then it's gonna be difficult.

  • The other thing is they're going to try and make the schedule where baseball style.

  • You go to a city and you play several games.

  • We're gonna talk about E working out.

  • Jump, you learned.

  • Way learned right on there.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

the N B A and the Players Association came to an agreement just after midnight last night on the financial parameters of next season.

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