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  • all right.

  • WILBON What should the White Sox do about Tony LaRussa being charged with DUI?

  • Probably back out of the agreement that they have with him, Tony.

  • I mean, being responsible and being accountable are seemingly to me anyway, more necessary where we are in the culture now than ever before.

  • And it's not enough to be accountable and responsible for a baseball game.

  • When you're explaining yourself afterwards, real life circumstances should count.

  • Even Mawr.

  • Tony LaRussa comes off as particularly stupid in this case, and he's not.

  • We know that, but his Do you know who I am routine upon his being arrested and he said, all these weeks, even months, to figure somebody's gonna come and ask me about this, and I need to be accountable.

  • And he's gone the other way with this insane defiance and arrogance and no Tony, that shouldn't be tolerated not by the White Sox, Gerry Ryan's Dorf, specifically and if so, not by Major League Baseball.

  • So this starts out as a very sweet story because Jerry Reinsdorf looks at the big, mistaking his life with white socks, and it's letting totally LaRussa go, and then he goes on and he wins World Series in two different places.

  • So he says, I'm gonna hire him back even though he's 76 years old because he's a great manager.

  • He's in the Hall of Fame and everybody looks at the story and says, That's nice And all they ask is at his age can he handle it?

  • But this has been out there for months.

  • Jerry's Ryan's Dorff has known about this for months, and so what he is saying by not doing anything about it is I still want him.

  • I still want Tony LaRussa and he has to listen now to the community in Chicago and find out what they are saying.

  • And I suspect a lot of them will say something like this.

  • How can he manage your team when he can't manage himself?

  • It's not the first time.

  • It's the second time, so I suspect it will end with LaRussa not being the manager, though.

  • I was one of those people who thought, what an interesting choice, and I'm rooting for him 20.

  • I did, too.

  • I felt the same way.

  • But you know what?

  • LaRussa could take the heat off of Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Felt a great loyalty, obviously, to LaRussa by bringing him back and thinking he was the guy that take this team to a place that couldn't happen in the eighties when LaRussa was there.

  • But you know what?

  • Let's see what LaRussa is made off.

  • Let's put the onus on him.

  • He knew this was coming, isn't responsible for his behavior and, almost as important, is irresponsible at all.

  • Is he responsible?

  • And right now, he's not demonstrating that he is.

  • That's the one last question for, you know, hold on one last question for you.

  • If he does that, if in a reasonable amount of time 24 48 hours he comes out, tells the whole story and says, I want to manage, I'll be responsible.

  • Is that okay with you?

  • It's a start in the right direction.

  • Right now, he's going totally in the wrong direction.

  • Tony, he's gotta be stopped that before I'm willing to listen to anything that Tony LaRussa has to say.

  • Besides no comment, which is as lame as it gets from a guy who's earned our respect in sports.

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all right.

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PTI talks Tony La Russa’s DUI arrest, future with Chicago White Sox

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