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  • all right?

  • I don't know.

  • It's late October 2019 in Dixie Hills, a small neighborhood in west Atlanta.

  • This young man right here, he has a great platform, an opportunity to make change in this city in any city that travels to.

  • So Hawks forward John Collins has arrived at V e o Veterans Empowerment Organization.

  • I really appreciate, you know, each and every one of you guys a service from the bottom of my heart.

  • I truly mean that.

  • And I just, you know, thought you know, with the platform that I was given and just the opportunities that I have now that I see that I can, you know, do and reach, I wanted to help out.

  • So I'm happy to help.

  • This will not be the last thing that I do.

  • So thank you all again.

  • For Collins, an event like this is mawr than just a knopper to nitty to meet veterans.

  • All right.

  • It was a chance for him to connect with his roots.

  • My mom was a Air Force veteran now, and my father served into the military both 20 years, plus both different branches.

  • Like most military families.

  • Lereah Collins service in the US Army caused her to move constantly from Utah toe Washington to Guam to Turkey, John went with her, and because his parents served in different branches of the military, they weren't always together.

  • Collins credits his mother with teaching him about sacrifice and service.

  • She showed me she didn't really have to teach me too much, just her being a single mom, serving in the military, doing it by herself.

  • She just showed me what it was.

  • The responsibility maturity to be a single military mom is it's a very tough job, Rubble shot out of where you guys or what branch of service you gentlemen served.

  • In a way we got Army, Air Force, our airports, airports, United States arm.

  • Collins says One of the most immediate issues facing veterans is the struggle to reintegrate into civilian life for people.

  • You know, maybe we're overseas station and coming back, and now it just sort of plopped into the to the civilian life again.

  • It's it's just a culture shock.

  • Some veteran mental health problems from that.

  • It's a very serious impressing as you what do you want MBA fans to understand about what you're doing with veterans and why I want them to understand that thes veterans have given their life to the cause for us.

  • And I feel like it's just very important for us to show a little bit of gratitude back and at least give them the proper path and tools to succeed coming from a military home, you know, I know what it's like.

  • So always, uh, definitely have a big heart for for my veteran.

  • So yes, sir.

  • On this day, giving them the proper tools means providing veterans with something tangible as they try to get back on their feet.

  • Mr.

  • Michael Hicks with the job interview.

  • Please come get your suit.

  • We could get you a job, see if we can help you out.

  • Oh, yes, sir.

  • How you doing for him to come out here and not just provide something but to show up and engage with our veterans?

  • It's a game changer for our veterans that have been living out on the streets that don't have something nice to wear.

  • Somebody get this man a job.

  • Yes, sir.

  • Knowing that somebody that cares in the community is huge.

  • Okay, For one particular veteran, Collins gift couldn't come at a better time.

  • I interview tomorrow.

  • I'm doing good things tomorrow.

  • Where?

  • New suit.

  • New JOB Atlanta Theo connection between Collins and these veterans comes from a lifetime of being shown what it means to serve.

  • He knows that his mother would be proud.

  • For me, the biggest thing is being able to tell her and proved her actually gave back her cause and tryingto get back a little bit for what she's done for the country in my own way.

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all right?

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