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  • couple of old rivals with new desperation off the Jets, three only winless team in the NFL and the Patriots four straight losses.

  • So I guess all of that kind of brings us to Cam Newton, really, and the questions being asked about him.

  • So let's put it to you.

  • What does he need to get right starting tonight with this opportunity against the Jets?

  • And are his struggles fixable?

  • And can they sustain?

  • Can he?

  • Can he fix this and keep it up?

  • Or is this what it is?

  • Yeah, I think first and foremost and a lucky, he says, to make sure he protects the football and crucial critical moments.

  • Because that was the hallmark of the Tom Brady led New England Patriots for the better part of 20 years.

  • And Bill Belichick stresses that.

  • He stresses this how important it is to make sure that you keep the ball in your possession and not given to the other football team because you carry the fortunes of the rest of the football team with you.

  • And Cam was doing that look after Week two against Seattle.

  • What you see on your screen right now, people were thinking, Look but that New England had felice the league again.

  • The camp was gonna sign for basically a minimum salary, and Bill was gonna go ahead and just pull up one of those great coaching jobs once again.

  • And then they hit some bumps in the road.

  • You know, they can test positive for covert before the Kansas City Chiefs chief game.

  • Then they have a by then he comes back, They don't They're not able to practice.

  • He's rusty.

  • He has to bad performances.

  • And then against Buffalo, he looked pretty good and he was driving him down to potentially tie the game or win the game.

  • Any fumbles.

  • So he's on his way back.

  • I think we need to remain.

  • I don't want to say patient, but we should remain optimistic because Josh McDaniels still optimistic and Pam's a heck of a competitors.

  • I think he will play well tonight.

  • I think he will atone for some of the things that happened against Buffalo.

  • I don't think New England as strong as they've been in the past and they'd be the first ones to tell you that.

  • But I think that you will see camps play Ascend as the year goes on as he gets more comfortable in this offense.

  • I mean, and you have to love the way that he constantly its's this right?

  • It's me.

  • This is all on me.

  • I mean, he's taking all the blame for it.

  • Uh, Jets, by the way, without Sam Donald, Joe Flacco again starting for them that folks forget New Orleans is a championship caliber team when they're healthy.

  • I mean, where do they rank in the NFC?

  • In your mind?

  • Yeah, I think.

  • Early in the season, Hannah there was no question that they weren't operating at full strength.

  • The offensive like it was struggling a little bit us faras producing explosive plays and people you know, including myself, for maybe a little bit too quick to jump on some of the negatives and not accentuate the positives and not keep in mind that they weren't totally healthy.

  • Yet Now, when they are healthy and Michael Thomas is back, the uh, offensive line is healthy.

  • The defense has all of its components.

  • You're seeing what this team can do when it's hitting on all cylinders.

  • They can run the football.

  • They could throw the football both horizontally and vertically.

  • Alvin Kamara is one of the very best in the NFL.

  • And defensively, man, they just seem tohave Tampa Bay's number.

  • I'll tell you what.

  • Martin Lattimore right now, His matchup with Mike Evans.

  • He's winning that thing over and over again.

  • Every time they match up one on one, and you know this, you know that the secret to really disrupting Tom Brady is to hit him, and they were hitting them early and often.

  • Tampa Bay was not hitting Drew Brees.

  • And then, really, it's just case closed after that.

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couple of old rivals with new desperation off the Jets, three only winless team in the NFL and the Patriots four straight losses.

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Discussing the keys to Cam Newton & the Patriots defeating the Jets in Week 9 | SportsCenter

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