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  • Hello and welcome to The English

  • We Speak. I'm Feifei...

  • And hello, I'm Rob.

  • Rob, what's the smell?

  • Are you cooking something?

  • Yes. It's my favourite - roast beef. Yummy!

  • Roast beef?! This isn't really

  • the time to be cooking.

  • Well, you said let's do 'roast' today - so

  • I thought I'd make a start. Just got to do

  • the roast potatoes now...

  • Rob, stop! I meant let's do the word 'roast'.

  • Oh right. Well, this is a good

  • example of roasting.

  • No, Rob. It's not the meaning I had in

  • mind. 'Roasting' is not just

  • about cooking food

  • in an oven. We can 'roast' people by

  • criticising them harshly.

  • So, Rob, you were very foolish

  • to start cooking something while

  • we're presenting a programme!

  • Oh, am I being 'roasted' now?

  • You sure are, but you're not alone.

  • Here are some examples...

  • We had to roast the teacher after she was

  • seen shopping when she

  • was supposed to be

  • off work with flu!

  • After my PowerPoint presentation froze

  • during an important meeting,

  • my boss gave me a roasting.

  • She was roasted by her friends after

  • she posted pictures of herself

  • on social media showing

  • off her 'amazing' suntan.

  • This is The English We Speak from BBC

  • Learning English and we're

  • talking about the word 'roast',

  • which means 'to criticise severely'.

  • I'm sure you're used to

  • being roasted, Rob?

  • Well, if you mean I am hot and smell

  • delicious, then I am very roasted!

  • Excuse me?

  • Feifei, another meaning of 'roast' is to

  • tease someone in a light-hearted

  • way or give a funny

  • comeback when someone

  • tries to humiliate you.

  • Oh, ha ha! But hold on, Rob,

  • I can smell something else...

  • Oh no - I left the oven on and now

  • the food is burning. Help!

  • Rob, you are really stupid - and you

  • can't cook either.

  • That's me roasted! Bye.

  • Bye.

Hello and welcome to The English

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Learn the other meaning of 'roast' - The English We Speak

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