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  • you're extremely popular on Twitter.

  • You have?

  • How many followers?

  • 3.5 million right now.

  • Okay.

  • And tell me you're very good at following what you say.

  • Or, like, the social media rules.

  • E have rules that I break a lot, Um, you know, because like, no, like late night tweeting and drunk tweeting.

  • That's a hard time Thio to enforce that, though, even on myself.

  • Um, and I try not to do too many posts and, you know, I feel like you should have to do, ah, couple of silly posts or funny posts for every, like, self promotional.

  • You can't just be like out there promoting your own thing all the time because you're ruining it for everybody on I feel like it's really the places say something kind of funny and kind of honest because I feel like on Twitter I say things to millions of people, but I don't see them.

  • So it's like I say stuff I wouldn't say to somebody's face, but like on Twitter, and it's like this release, you know, and instagram is the place I go to be like I'm so fabulous and wonderful on Twitter is like I'm a mess.

  • I'm really sorry.

  • Like, can we all go have a drink and talk about it on Instagram Your amazing But on Twitter, you're having a sweet It's like psychological collapse.

  • Yeah, here's the real deal.

  • It's a nightmare in here.

  • Yeah, And what about I mean, do you You said that there's no drunk.

  • I mean, you try not to have some wine or have a few drinks and then tweet.

  • That's a huge problem for certain people.

  • Andy, your vory.

  • No, no, I don't mean that that you do it, but I think you're very disciplined about that.

  • You, uh, no, I without some.

  • Oh, thank you.

  • Thank you very much.

  • I have put out some regrettable tweets.

  • I my problem Or is the drunk Internet shopping getting?

  • Yeah.

  • Just like getting like, Wow, this hideous sweater.

  • Oh, right.

  • You know, sneakers that are made of wall.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, that's more of the problem.

  • The tweets, you know, because I e get in trouble.

  • Do you get in trouble for stuff you say?

  • Because you say some pretty wild stuff?

  • Um, no, not really.

  • Well, hey, doesn't know I'm going to get one of these Twitter machines someday.

  • and I don't know what's going on.

  • I'm imagining a curve.

  • Stop radio.

  • I've got the new Twitter now.

  • You think there should be a limit on Hashtags, right?

  • Yeah, Well, I find, you know, when people over hashtag it's annoying Except the rock Do you follow the rock?

  • Dwayne the Rock Johnson, the Rock Johnson.

  • I've never met him.

  • And we talk on Twitter sometimes.

  • And he does the most inspirational, very serious, like inspirational tweets.

  • And he's always, like, hash these long hashtags about, like, you know, improving yourself.

  • And he's always hash talking about, like, team Bring it because we're all on team.

  • Bring it.

  • And I once asked him in a hashtag Is there Ah, height limit for team.

  • Bring it.

  • And he never got back to me.

  • So my feelings are a little hurt.

  • But are you afraid that you're not tall enough to be on the rocks team?

  • Bring it.

  • Yeah, Be on team.

  • Bring it right.

  • She could be on team.

you're extremely popular on Twitter.

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