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  • all right, The breaking news into SportsCenter.

  • This our woes, reporting that the MBA players have decided to resume the playoffs.

  • Today's three games have been postponed, but games are expected to resume by the weekend, perhaps even by tomorrow.

  • Another meeting will be held later today with two players from each team in attendance.

  • We're joined now by our MBA insider.

  • Ramona Shelburne, Ramona.

  • Last night there was a poll taken of the Lakers and Clippers, and they seem to be leaning against resuming the season.

  • And, of course, LeBron James is on the Lakers, the biggest star in the game.

  • So what happened from last night to today?

  • Well, I think the general feeling that everyone had in that room last night is that they needed to take a breath.

  • Everybody wasn't an incredibly emotional moment, and they were sorting through their feelings.

  • They were sorting through what they could do as a plan of action.

  • Everybody's feelings were legitimate, and I think that was one of the points that, um, I had heard Jalen Brown, the young, you know, the young swingman for the Boston Celtics who has been such an incredible leader throughout this essentially said look, you know, the Bucks have nothing to apologize for.

  • They felt in that moment in their locker room that they did not want to play, and we support them.

  • But let's let's take a minute and decide what we're going to do now because what was incredible for me just watching this unfold, reporting on it in real time and seeing how these conversations went on into the night into the morning.

  • Um, somebody spoke to this morning.

  • Chris Paul was literally up all night.

  • Working on this was this was a moment where the n b A and it's players were figuring out in real time had to deal with some of the biggest issues right now in our world and in our country.

  • And if it took them 12 hours, if it took them 48 hours, if it took them four days, they were going to take the time to do that.

  • Um, it was important for all the people in that room last night that you know that we've reported on that we've spoken to and again this morning to be heard to feel like they could talk to each other and really connect and come up with a plan on bats.

  • What's happened this morning is that they've taken a breath, and I think it's it.

  • Sounds simple to say, but the the Sun came up this morning.

  • They took a breath.

  • They had another conversation and got back to this feeling that they do wanna play.

  • But they want to make sure their season is dedicated, um, to social justice.

  • And they're working on ways to do that even more than they already have been so far.

  • Uh, I guess it's a legitimate question.

  • What have they accomplished by sitting out a day or two?

  • Is it just the attention?

  • Because obviously, this has been the main story, not just in sports networks but on news networks as well.

  • Is that all they they really wanted was to get more attention on the on the topic?

  • Well, you know, here's what.

  • Here's what's really interesting.

  • On the one hand, this was the biggest, grandest demonstration of player power that I've ever seen because what happened in the Milwaukee Bucks locker room shut down the entire MBA, the W N B.

  • A.

  • Several major league baseball games?

  • I owe me.

  • Osaka decided not to play.

  • I mean, it had reverberations across the sports world, and yet it also was not planned that way.

  • This was not the books having hatching an idea to shut the entire world down and then say, These are action items.

  • These are actionable.

  • This is what we want as because of this form of protest.

  • This was a league and a team, especially the Milwaukee Bucks, who were the closest team to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where Jacob Blake was shot, just hurting and in pain and saying we should not be focusing on basketball right now.

  • We should be focusing on what happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and I think you know, that was, you know, just in reporting on this, talking to everyone in the league, the Bucks acted unilaterally.

  • This was not some grand plan.

  • There wasn't a strategy to this.

  • This was them.

  • Them sitting in their locker room for three hours, saying, What can we dio?

  • How can we help?

  • How can we do better?

  • And, um, you know that like it's the It's the limits that shows the power of their of the players in this league, but also their limitations, because it's not a simple is just shutting down the league.

  • You have to now say, Okay, here's what we want And that's what the conversation the lieutenant governor of Wisconsin was about yesterday.

  • He essentially said, Listen, if you want to do something, you can put pressure on the state Legislature to vote for police reform.

  • Doc Rivers, the Los Angeles Clippers coach, said in the meeting last night, Thio to all the players, You should come out of this meeting with three action items that you want the league in its owners to help you with police reform, voting reform, um, anti voter suppression that they're working on their actionable.

  • But this was not planned.

  • This just happened because the league and its players were hurting so badly, you know, remote.

  • It's interesting.

  • When the Bucks made their statement, it wasn't their best player.

  • Yonatan decompose to make a statement.

  • It was George Hill in Sterling Brown, by the way, has a lawsuit pending against the Milwaukee police force.

  • Has it been LeBron James is one of the leaders who he's the biggest star in the game?

  • Or has it been others who have emerged in this crisis as the leaders in the vanguard of the players movement.

  • Well, you know, LeBron James.

  • I think in a lot of ways brought this home Monday night after the Lakers game, when he was just so emotional talking about the shooting.

  • And you could just hear him say, My mind is all over the place.

  • My emotions are all over the place, you know, we are terrified as black people in the United States like that really was one of the first and loudest voices, um, in the league, then Doc Rivers the next night.

  • Now, last night at the meeting, I'm told, you know, he LeBron James walked out of that meeting early, and it really stunned a lot of people.

  • But this morning, he obviously his voice carries so much weight.

  • And this morning, as the players have voted to try to resume the season, of course, LeBron's voice carries a lot of weight.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

all right, The breaking news into SportsCenter.

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