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  • flag.

  • Murray has been reporting on the battle for the White House over the past two weeks, and he reports tonight from Pennsylvania on Looks at what this election has done to America.

  • It's morning again in America, Games past presidential elections here, Harold.

  • A sense of hope.

  • A peaceful dawn.

  • But this is now America, a land of ambient ugliness.

  • Divided, angry, frustrated, primed for trouble.

  • There are many whose opinion we've canvassed in this dis United States of America in recent weeks.

  • Ordinary voters.

  • I look to track my ballot and it wasn't there.

  • So now is there, it says, both recorded.

  • Okay, now wandering.

  • Can the nation meet this moment to heal?

  • You can't just find hundreds of thousands of votes.

  • Bridge the chasm between red and blue.

  • Way first came across Catherine Kobo on her friend Pam, stumping for President Trump in Phoenix in Arizona just before polling day.

  • Oh, when they endure the heat, try and very public disapproval free way lose the election.

  • We're gonna lose our way of life.

  • We won't be free Way came across Chris Smith at a Trump rally in Tucson last month, and after touching down in Philadelphia on election eve, we chatted with Debbie Smith, a Democrat who voted for Joe Biden.

  • The election draws to a close, she says.

  • America cannot tackle its most pressing problems.

  • Without unity.

  • Our people need to get back to work.

  • We need to heal this country.

  • So at at the end of the day, it's gonna come down to we need to recover from the coronavirus.

  • People have lost sight of what's happening, so the energy For some Republicans, the coronavirus isn't the main election issue.

  • Ask Chris Smith.

  • You think it's fraud?

  • I mean, guys, we don't go to bed at 10 11, 12 o'clock at night, two in the morning with leading all the key swing states and wake up at seven o'clock in the morning.

  • And suddenly they found hundreds of thousands of votes.

  • And they all happen to be for Joe Biden.

  • Hello, Katherine.

  • Greetings from Philadelphia.

  • Last word goes to Katherine.

  • Do you think the two halves of America can unite now?

  • Perhaps in the future we can start to work on him.

  • But right now, no, The wound is to open sobering words.

  • But if it's winter in America, can spring be far behind?

  • Clive Myrie.

  • BBC News in Philadelphia.

  • Well, let's get a final word from our North America editor, John So Opel and Joe Biden looks to be on the verge of the presidency tonight.

  • Is it just about formalities now?

  • I think it is about formalities.

  • I'm going to give you a very similar answer to the one I gave you last night.

  • We don't know when the result will be called.

  • I thought it would be today.

  • It's going longer.

  • But it does seem clear that Joe Biden is the next president of the United States of America.

  • He is waiting for the formalities.

  • He's got a judgment to make this evening when he addresses the nation.

  • Do I call it and announce that I am now the president elect?

  • Or does he wait for the U.

  • S Networks to say he's got over the line?

  • He's got over 270 on for Donald Trump.

  • There are tough questions as well, because I'm told the mood in the White House is somber.

  • Ah, lot of AIDS didn't turn up for work today.

  • Donald Trump is angry that he's not getting the support that he feels he needs, but he wants to go full steam ahead with this legal strategy, even though there doesn't seem to be a legal strategy.

  • Yes, writs of flying.

  • But what is the endgame?

  • How do they navigate to the end of this?

  • There is uncertainty.

  • Andan happiness in the White House while Joe Biden has got the champagne on ice.

  • John Paul, Thank you.


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Divided America: the battle for the White House in a fractured nation - BBC News

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