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  • this video is about me.

  • But by the end of it, it's about you because this video is about failure.

  • Nine years ago, I was a university student who wanted to have an impact who wanted to build something, so the first thing I tried was to build a website.

  • It was a small news website called Bass Bouza.

  • Every day I would sit down and write about the latest news, pretending to be a journalist.

  • I wrote day after day after day for hundreds of days, hoping people would be interested in my news, but nobody waas.

  • My website failed.

  • I was disappointed, but I didn't give up.

  • The next year I had another crazy idea on app that shows you news based on how much time you have.

  • So if you have only one minute to spare, I would show you news articles from the Web that take one minute to read.

  • I called the app Downtime.

  • I thought this was a genius idea.

  • I designed it, coded it, built it, launched it on, failed.

  • Nobody downloaded my app.

  • Instead, they went to CNN.

  • I was disappointed, but I didn't give up.

  • The next year I had another idea called it oyster.

  • This time I was sure that it was going to succeed.

  • Way don't need clothes, especially when we travel, so why not rent them?

  • You tell us where you're traveling and will ship 10 identical T shirts to your hotel as a rental.

  • And that idea failed people.

  • Apparently, we're not ready for the same type of clothes with every failure.

  • I was losing hope.

  • It's been six years already, with no successful creation.

  • But here is what no one tells you from every failure.

  • You learn something new from bass Busa.

  • You learn how to work every single day from downtime.

  • You learn how to tell a story in one minute from Oyster, you learn how to travel light, and I put ALOF these failures together and started Nas daily a one minute video every day from around the world, with only 10 T shirts to Travel Light and this Nast daily idea waas.

  • A success is you are beyond my wildest expectations.

  • It was everything I ever dreamed off for nine years straight and turned out into a multimillion dollar company in all this crazy journey and finally releasing in a book e said.

  • This video, though, was not about me.

  • It's about you because one day you will fail again and again and again.

  • But you will soon realize with every failure you gain something.

  • I am convinced failure is the best thing to happen right before success.

  • C U.

  • Yes, love it.

  • Thank you so much for watching this video.

  • I hope you enjoyed it.

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  • And thank you for watching See you tomorrow.

this video is about me.

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