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  • Hi.

  • My favorite thing to do when I wake up is to think of something that makes me happy.

  • That way I start the day with a big smile.

  • What makes you happy?

  • Hot dog That makes me happy, too.

  • Come toe, Mickey Moo muffins.

  • Wait a million.

  • Thanks to you, Mickey.

  • My muffins air still good enough to eat.

  • Have a mu musical, moom.

  • Often everyone.

  • E o wow boy, that was dull, Ray.

  • Malicious and trying.

  • Oh, but the fun's not over yet, boys.

  • Now it's time for the fun.

  • Fair squared down.

  • Everyone on screen dance with Grab your foot.

  • Let's all get Get ready to go.

  • Really?

  • Hold on to your hat.

  • Get down your pants.

  • We're doing up on Fair Square Dance three times.

  • Hop forward three times.

  • Ha ha ha!

  • Fuck on.

  • That's how you do the fun.

  • Fair square down.

  • Let me get just square turned into a triangle.

  • Yeah, come on, let's all do the triangle Dance way, way this way And that's how you do the fun.

  • Fair triangle Dance way triangle turned into a circle Everybody hold hands and do the circle dance ticket Daisy Round and round and round much more.

  • We'll do it two times.

  • Three times even for round and round round we go.

  • Not too fast, not too slow.

  • What a what a geometric jamboree that means the dance with lots of shapes and singing Golly g will occurs this fun fairs more fun than I've ever had in a funfair who get more.


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