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  • Some of y'all might only recognize the man with the most iconic Heisman moment ever for his pristine suit game, flawless throw and trademark smile on Saturday mornings.

  • But 30 years ago, Desmond Howard sprinted 93 yards past his rivals and straight into college football.

  • Roure.

  • Oh my goodness, one man Goodbye.

  • Hello, husband.

  • That iconic moment kept a 10 and one regular season for the Michigan Wolverines on was a little something special.

  • So Howard's friends back in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

  • But he was putting on for the city throughout the entirety of his 1991 Heisman campaign.

  • That was essentially the man responsible for just about every point that Michigan put up, you know, tell you received that scored 20 touchdowns.

  • I'm also proud returning a kickoff return.

  • It also black.

  • A little.

  • Yeah, Dude was electric straight off the bat.

  • We want Boston College found themselves on the wrong end of a four total touchdown performance, three of them receiving and one of them Oh, look out!

  • Good bye.

  • Cut down the very next week against Rival and then number seven Notre Dame way had what at the time was viewed.

  • His disease Heisman moment, fourth down unless the New York Wolverines just trying to maintain their three point we late in the final quarter.

  • Now, being a former running back myself, I'm hollering to the high heavens to run the daggone ball.

  • But when you're on about the 25 yard line, you have a Heisman candidate out there.

  • You could do this back fire for it.

  • They went for it all.

  • A holy cow.

  • Would you believe this?

  • Place it to the right guy, Heisman Trophy candidate.

  • This particular from there, the man known his magic, a testament to his middle school hoops acumen.

  • He was making plenty of that.

  • Hey, is magic today making multiple House calls in each of the next six games, including a three touchdown performance against the Hoosiers by regular seasons end?

  • Howard had a touchdown in every single tilt in which he touched the field.

  • So the 12 single season Michigan records, he said, should come as no surprise.

  • The final line for him, though 61 catches for 960 yards and 19 touchdowns.

  • That's as good as you could play Wide receiver 12 rushes for 165 and a couple more house call.

  • It's a touchdown on, then one more touchdown each as a kick returner and the all too memorable one as a punt returner.

  • With that, his candidacy for college football's highest honor was cemented.

  • But what about the Cats who were in the running for with him?

  • Well, it ain't like they have much of a case against days a couple of those video game numbers with the fact that um was all over national television every single week.

  • And, yeah, he winds up with 641st place votes, while now another person has more than 30.

  • The husband winner from the previous year, Todd Demo out of BYU, finished third.

  • U Dub was your eventual national champion, led by mammoth defensive lineman Steve Edmund, who wound up finishing fourth in Heisman voting.

  • Hey is just a real load, like a raging bull out there.

  • Florida State's Casey Weldon was your runner up.

  • Weldon's Nosworthy Onley regular season L on the Dez led Michigan team schedule in a game where both players were balling to diving touchdown catches for Howard and three scores in the air for welding.

  • Theo F S U quarterback flatly said at one point that if Dance won the Heisman and the Knowles won the natty, he'd quote, Make that trade right now on Lee.

  • Half of that worked out.

  • Now, if much of that faded from memory, you can be forgiven because it was really one moment that came to define that season.

  • Entering the regular season finale against the Buckeyes, Dez had scored just about every way in offensive player could.

  • The one box he hadn't checked a punt return allowed me to set the stage four minutes left before the break in Michigan held a 14 point lead.

  • The Buckeyes offense got about midfield.

  • Drive fizzled out.

  • Head coach Jon Cooper intended toe.

  • Have his partner kicked the ball out of bounds because they knew daggone well that if old to one got the ball in the open field, it was over with.

  • Well, the path to hell is paved with good intentions, and Howard's Heisman campaign was paid, sealed and delivered with this return.

  • Nice high kicks that little wind under it, and it runs our little look at that one man.

  • Goodbye.

  • Hello, craziest part about that now renowned poses that he was touring on whether or not he was even gonna do it, because earlier in the year, Dad sought out the help of a gymnast who taught him how to do a backflip just for the sole purpose of potentially doing that going into the end zone.

  • Here's my golden opportunity.

  • Catch the punk racing down the left sideline.

  • But this prime thinking, um, I going to do this backflip, I would say, probably around the eight yard line going in.

  • I kinda chickened out because I figured if I didn't do it right, then I'm on SportsCenter for the wrong thing.

  • And I did that poll, which I think turned out to be better than doing a back flip.

  • But don't miss.

  • Take the A one selling game for a cockiness that separated him from his beloved team.

  • Howard Humility was exemplified in his Heisman acceptance speech.

  • One that lasted all of 36 seconds on was dedicated to the rest of the Wolverines, but the man could still have some fun.

  • You know, these trophies and act lazing awards.

  • I I think, kind of reinforces to me that I definitely was the best college player, Desmond, how it could be in the 1991 season.

  • You're not gonna start talking about yourself in the third person now, are you?

  • Of course I want E.

  • And since that time there's his Onley solidified his status as a college football icon.

  • He's still revered in Ann Arbor, and he's a fixture on television every single week, waiting for you to do e.

  • Don't have a Desmond do the hot, but that's what do the Heisman pose.

  • Please give it Thio Heisman pose and you get it.

  • His laugh is infectious, his style is impeccable, and that pose he's so perfectly hit on November 23rd, 1991 became the ultimate flex for folks that played the game.

  • And even in a couple of instances outside of there's one circumstance, though, we have to see you strike the Heisman pose.

  • A Z crossed the goal line and Keith Jackson yelled, Hello, Heisman!

  • It was a rare bit of history that we knew we were witnessing, even as it happened, a magic man completing a historic season, striking an iconic post.

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Some of y'all might only recognize the man with the most iconic Heisman moment ever for his pristine suit game, flawless throw and trademark smile on Saturday mornings.

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