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  • Google, Google, Google, everything in the world you can find on Google, right?

  • Wrong, because there are still some things in the world that don't know about or understand.

  • You can't find them on Google.

  • That's why I went on a trip around the world, to the country, off Turkey, Senegal, United States and Cyprus to find people and places that I could not see on Google and that journey.

  • That journey starts in a remote village in Turkey.

  • What you hear now is not just a whistle.

  • This'd is a real language called the Bird Language E.

  • I am here at a remote village in the mountains off Turkey, and because the house is off this village are far from each other.

  • The locals decided that to communicate, it's easier to whistle.

  • This'll Village has developed a new language that has over 250 unique words that is taught at schools to kids on that's been around for over 500 years.

  • For example, this is a conversation on these conversations can happen over a 2.5 kilometer distance in the world full of language is the most beautiful ones seem to belong to the birds that one minute e.

  • Okay, this is insane.

  • I have just arrived to the country off on Lee to find this hundreds of people working out together in perfect harmony on the beach way thought this was a football team or a basketball team.

  • It's not.

  • Turns out these guys don't even know each other.

  • This'd is a public beach in Senegal where anyone can work out with other people.

  • The strongest people, um Thistle, is the best example of people pushing each other to become healthier, better and stronger.

  • Working out by yourself is hard, but when you have hundreds of people pushing you to be better, you become better yourself.

  • This is the definition of a community.

  • A.

  • That's a minute video.

  • This is an American passport.

  • It's powerful.

  • It's amazing.

  • If you are an American, no one can mess with you.

  • I want this passport and many people in the world do, because this comes with the American dream.

  • But I have just arrived to a place where people have the citizenship, but not the dream.

  • Thistle is a community in Puerto Rico that was struck by a hurricane six months ago, and until now these guys have no electricity, no rooftops, no cell service, and some don't even have clean water.

  • Thes are American citizens who have served their country that are now living on car batteries, basic water filters, high schoolers and patience.

  • This'll is not a conservative versus liberal.

  • This is not a Republican versus Democrat.

  • This is an American issue.

  • If a country is as strong as the most vulnerable members, then how strong is an American citizenship?

  • That's one minute.

  • See you tomorrow, meet fatty unions.

  • This'll is an incredible story of fatty unions who almost killed each other without even knowing each other 44 years ago.

  • Yet he served in the Greek army, and on his last day in the army he was called to battle.

  • And in that battle, Yannis was shot in the head by fatty in the Turkish army.

  • I don't I killed him.

  • But Yanis went to the hospital and lived, and 34 years later he wrote about his story in a book.

  • That book made its way to affect him, and he's surprised the same guy he shot was alive.

  • He called the pianist, asking for forgiveness and Yannis forgive him.

  • Political conflict in Cyprus that made these two guys that fighting a war.

  • But now they're fighting for something better Piece.

  • That's one minute CEO.

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  • That's more than a minute.

  • See you tomorrow.

Google, Google, Google, everything in the world you can find on Google, right?

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