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  • Welcome to the jump.

  • I'm Rachel Nichols.

  • Joined, as always in the bubble by MBA champ Richard Jefferson.

  • And from Atlanta, Georgia, the eight time All Star Mr Vince Carter.

  • Now Vince is sitting in a TV studio.

  • And, Vince, you don't know this, but you might be seeing what's between me and Richard.

  • Yeah, I was wondering that earlier, but Okay.

  • All right.

  • Well, let's Zschau Let's show him what you guys don't Let's go.

  • Let's go.

  • Oh, Vince, look at that.

  • It is the 2020 MBA Sportsmanship Award.

  • You are the winner, Mr Vince Carter.

  • That's congratulations.

  • That's pretty right?

  • Look at that pretty big fella.

  • In a different time, you'd be here with us in person.

  • But what's your reaction, man?

  • That have been awesome.

  • That's awesome, man.

  • I had no clue, man.

  • I remember getting the sheets to fill it out.

  • You know, you fill out everybody else, but you know, uh, yeah, so did I.

  • I felt I filled out everybody but you.

  • So that's why I'm so, so amazed that this city terrible.

  • I'm a terrible person, but it's a joke because I was retired when they were voting, so I didn't get a vote.

  • So But you weren't, Mrs Teammate, can you convince is to humble.

  • But can you, Richard, explain why he got this award?

  • Why he is such a good teammate.

  • Let me say this man like Vince, and you know, we're gonna have this conversation in front of you.

  • So just listen, uh, no growing up, like I loved Vince like I was a dunker, and he was my favorite dunker.

  • And then we had that Nike commercial together, and that was my Oh, my God.

  • I think I might have made it moment and then to be his teammate and have him just be, ah, great teammate and then tow.

  • Watch him.

  • Go on and just continue to mentor so many young players and what he's meant to this game.

  • And then even, you know, the Air Canada and what he meant to Canadian basketball.

  • This man has been an ambassador for the game of basketball for so long, and at no point in time has he ever been an individual that you couldn't look up to that you couldn't, you know, depend on.

  • And so this this, um this award is something this is This is a career ward.

  • So I think it's just awesome, man.

  • And I'm so, so happy for you.

  • That's crazy, man.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • Congratulations.

  • Thank you, e actually speechless because I'm glad I didn't ask you guys off air and you gotta You gotta you would blow me off.

  • So, like, like, whatever, we're talking about it later.

  • That's that's good, Man, that's crazy.

  • Didn't see that coming very well earned.

  • And I love what Richard said about the time that you have taken to mentor all the young players on all the teams you have been on.

  • You have changed careers, and I know that Trae Young is just the last one.

  • But there's so many future superstars in this league that will be that way.

  • In part because of you so well earned, my friend.

  • There will be no more nice things that will ever say That's it.

  • That's it.

  • Richard E.

  • Know this already s Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Welcome to the jump.

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Vince Carter gets surprised on TV with the 2019-20 NBA Sportsmanship Award | The Jump

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