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  • How do you do?

  • A mission.

  • Impossible movie.

  • You're on set in Italy.

  • I understand you guys are being very careful day to day.

  • Do you know if you're allowed to shoot or if the protocols change, How does that realistically happen?

  • Well, we're just We're just working very carefully with the authorities here.

  • And if they do change their protocols, then we paused.

  • Yeah, way reposition.

  • And we, you know, we're just being, um abundance of caution is the kind of the buzz phrase here, and that's what we're doing on.

  • I think you know, when this happened in February, nobody knew what was happening.

  • We have more knowledge now and more ability to kind of mitigate some of the problems that it throws up.

  • So we're just being super careful.

  • Um, you talk about being super careful, and I'm sure that you are with co vid, but you're also working with Tom Cruise.

  • You're working with Tom Cruise on a mission Impossible movie and you talk about Well, we're being very careful.

  • Andi.

  • I know Anyone who looks at a magazine has seen photographs of some of the things that we all know what he's done in the past movies, and we know that he likes to notch it up each time, to the point where I don't think it's possible he could notch it up anymore.

  • And now I'm hearing about these insane stunts that Tom Cruise is doing on the set of this movie.

  • Are you present when he does those stunts?

  • Yes, and for us, it's like, I mean, when you watch the movie and you see him do those stunts and it's nail biting and there's a real sense of genuine kind of peril because you know that it's him.

  • But, you know, he survived because he was on Good Morning America that morning, and he did suppress.

  • When we do it, when we watch him do it, we have no idea if he if he's gonna survive.

  • So he rides a bike off a cliff, and everyone's just waiting for good.

  • Kind of a good kind of be anybody, Anybody, because Tom Cruise, it's terrifying.

  • It's terrifying.

  • Are you with him before he gets on the bike and does it?

  • Does anyone talk to him on say, like, Look, it was nice knowing you.

  • You, uh, I'll pass on a message to anybody you want to get to?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, he was hanging on it because he loves it.

  • You know?

  • He puts in a lot of work.

  • He trains Rick.

  • I mean, he literally will become the best.

  • You tell him something and will just become the best at it.

  • And it will take.

  • He'll take us many hours.

  • It takes, but he won't do the stunt until he knows.

  • I mean, the prep that went into the big stunts for this film are insane, but, yeah, we saw him just before.

  • I remember when we did the last one.

  • The big helicopter chase.

  • Um, I was gonna We were in New Zealand on myself and Rebecca Ferguson.

  • We were gonna go back to London and leave Tom and Chris McQuarrie to do this big thing on.

  • I said goodbye to Tom.

  • There was a really kind of then, Well, good luck.

  • Like not knowing if he was going to survive the next 10 days, which, with him piloting a helicopter through these, you know, they saw glacier lanterns.

  • It was terrifying.

  • Yeah.

  • So you're there, you're there while it's happening.

  • And we all know, Yeah, like you say, You see him on Good morning, America.

  • Which is, by the way, that's how I determine if someone still alive every day is I check.

  • Good morning, America on If they're on it e that they're okay.

  • You are.

  • Are you A You're an adrenaline junkie in a junkie, aren't you?

  • You're someone who likes to try things.

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, I like, you know, snowboarding.

  • And I like things that aren't necessarily lethal.

  • I mean, the stuff that Tom does, it goes, that's off the charts.

  • That's not adrenaline, that some other hormone you only secrete just before you die.

  • It's kind of a he's the next level.

  • I Yeah, I mean, I'm always happy to do my own stunts, and it's fortunately, I'm the computer nerd.

  • You know, I just I'm basically his GPS, and I just tell him, Go left, go right jump off this cliff.

  • So I'm happy like I'm happy.

  • They're, you know, yes.

  • So the only thing that could really go wrong for you is you might delete some of your files.

  • That would be That's the That's what's gonna happen to Simon Pegg on one of these movies is the pressed control all seven accidentally and someone had to step in and correct it.

  • I might accidentally reveal my history on my Web browser and oh, no, don't look at that.

  • It's nothing, nothing at all.

How do you do?

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Simon Pegg: It’s Terrifying To Watch Tom Cruise Do Stunts - CONAN on TBS

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