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  • What do you see in Jimmy G s future?

  • I think it'll be a New England patriot.

  • And listen, I was the last time you've seen Bill Belichick walk up to the opposing team's quarterback after they lost 33 to 6 and give him a little tap on the back and give him a handshake.

  • I mean, I don't think I've seen that from any other quarterback that's ever beat the Patriots.

  • Eso When I think about Jimmy G with his with the 40 Niners, there's really nothing that is gonna hurt them if they just cut him loose.

  • I mean, he's already made most of his money.

  • Um, so I could see maybe Jimmy g going to the Patriots, and maybe I know this would be a harder thing to do.

  • But Matt Ryan, Matt Ryan, Matt Ryan, Maybe huh.

  • To the to the 40 Niners, they're back with Shanahan.

  • They have some unfinished business.

  • I would I would think they have some unfinished business.

  • I was a part of that game, but hey, I got hardware for it.

  • They don't.

  • So, anyway, I just think that 40 Niners could away from a little bit me.

  • Why not Why not?

  • Okay, I love it.

  • There was a third time away from Jimmy G.

  • The Patriots are going to get Jimmy G.

  • Yes, there was a lot to unpack and all the things you just said, but let's recap briefly.

  • Matt Ryan who?

  • If the Falcons are looking to rebuild, they may not want to do it around a quarterback who will be 36 next year.

  • Ryan had his greatest successes, M v p season when Kyle Shanahan was his offensive coordinator.

  • And so you think it looks good for Jimmy G to go back to New England and Matt Ryan toe wind up in San Francisco while we're having fun?

  • I like it.

  • Ryan Clark, what do you think?

  • I don't I don't know about that.

  • You know, I don't know how how the money would work.

  • I also don't know if you're the Atlanta Falcons, and you're starting with a new coach if you want to move on from your franchise guy and do a total rebuild.

  • But if that's something that you want to do and you're willing to shop Matt Ryan, I think that Kyle Shanahan in the San Francisco 40 Niners are the ideal place.

  • When you look at this team that have weapons everywhere, the way they run their offense now it's about getting the ball out of your hands quickly, allowing yards after the catch, allowing your athletes to make the place.

  • And I do believe that if he becomes the quarterback there and everyone's healthy on defense, we see this team back contending in the NFC West and in the NFC.

  • So if you're the San Francisco 40 Niners, I believe you make it happen because you've seen Jimmy G.

  • And Jimmy G.

  • Isn't the guy to win your Super Bowl in San Francisco.

  • Mark Sanchez, you had a whole other idea.

  • Who would you like to see in the Niners?

  • Uniformed next year?

  • Yeah, I think just because of the money wise, I love the picnic.

  • Oh, I think, uh, Ryan's got a chance there.

  • I thought it would have happened at the trade deadline and shocked everybody.

  • But the money is the issue.

  • Same thing with Kirk Cousins.

  • The money issue.

  • I'm saying they're gonna be able to get Sam Donald and hear me.

  • Now hear me out.

  • Sam's only gonna get like 3.5 million Bucks next year from the Jets.

  • Nobody's gonna pick up his fifth year option because they this poor guy, he's been through it all over there, and they're not maximizing his potential.

  • I think San Francisco sees that.

  • I think they can see him in their system, and they don't have to get rid of Garoppolo at all.

  • They could keep both of these guys and keep Sam Donald there in a position where, when he gets a chance to play, because Garoppolo has been injured so many times, he's gonna get a shot to shine, and that might be a permanent home for him.

  • It's a really interesting thought.

  • It will be fascinating to see where Donald does wind up next year.

  • If, indeed, the Jets get a pick that gets them someone like Trevor Lawrence, and we should repeat again.

  • The 40 Niners their season has been decimated by injury, where they lose Nick Bosa.

  • All those guys on the defense who knows what they're year might have looked like otherwise?

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What do you see in Jimmy G s future?

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