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  • because of the rookie salary cap.

  • This didn't used to be the case, but because of the rookie salary cap, teams could make a decision to move on pretty quickly from these quarterbacks, as opposed to.

  • If you feel you've made a mistake, you have sort of are are saddled with that for five years as you chase that player.

  • So with that thought in mind, Nick, what do you think of the idea of teams moving on quickly from young quarterbacks?

  • I mean, I love it.

  • I think that when you are selecting a leader, which is what the quarterback is the leader of your team, you don't need four years to know that someone is bad at their job.

  • You can figure that out pretty quickly.

  • And you could The sooner you move on, the better off you will be.

  • I think I was a little bit put off by the Cardinals moving on from their first round pick up Josh Rosen with to go with Kyler Murray, because in my mind I was thinking, Man, do you really know what that guy is?

  • But if you have him in practice every day and you haven't playing in NFL games, you should be able to determine whether he's your guy or not.

  • And you should not let the fact that you made a decision last year, um, inhibit you from making a better decision this year going forward to build your team.

  • So while I don't like it for the player, necessarily, I like it as a decision.

  • You don't wanna go after this sunk cost fallacy chasing after something chasing after a bad decision that you already made, I get that part of it.

  • There is another side to it, though D would.

  • And that is, I'm old enough to remember a time when developing a quarterback took longer than one year that you couldn't decide.

  • Maybe yes, maybe there are unique circumstances where you could watch a guy for one year in practice and say, OK, he's never gonna be the guy.

  • And then you've made just a horrendous mistake in the draft.

  • But how about the idea de would that one year is not enough time to evaluate a quarterback in the NFL today, or at any point?

  • Sure, greeny I could buy.

  • I can buy some stock into that, But listen with all the other players on this right now on this panel with one thing we know is you can't fool the players and, you know, Dominic brought the point about practice and all the things behind the scenes.

  • That's the things that we don't that we don't really see.

  • But the coaches and everyone who evaluate these players they see day in and day out you one of the biggest you know, qualities that you have to have at the quarterback position is being a leader of men.

  • So if you got a guy and you see in practice that guys aren't responding to on game day, guys just not rallying around that you could get that.

  • You could get that indication really quick.

  • So I actually applaud the Arizona Cardinals, saying, You know what?

  • With Josh Rosen now that's not working.

  • Let's go with Colin Murray and, uh, and look what's happened with the Arizona Cardinals right now.

  • That makes sense.

  • David Pollock.

  • I wanted to ask you a slightly different question because much of this conversation is based around Trevor Lawrence.

  • People are talking about him like he's a generational talent, and so any team that might be in a position to draft him, you might say, Well, that's an obvious one.

  • But Justin Fields feels like it's coming on strong to me.

  • Is that another quarterback who should be talked about in the same conversation?

  • Yes, and I know Trevor, according to a lot of people, have separated himself and one of the best prospects they've seen in a while.

  • If you're not watching Justin Fields through a couple games this season, you're missing out.

  • It's a dadgum treatment.

  • He is on fire, They are aggressive and the ball is coming out quick and the ball is coming out accurately.

  • The ball spread all over the football field.

  • And, by the way, in the new NFL, when when you're seeing MAWR quarterback runs and Mawr quarterbacks being successful because they could buy time and and make decisions?

  • Dude, he can do that as well.

  • So I do think that Justin Fields is coming on strong and listen.

  • I know Trevor didn't play last week.

  • It has nothing to do with Trevor not playing.

  • It has everything to do with Justin Fields.

  • His accuracy, his decision making, his build, his thickness, his ability to run.

  • I still think when I'm comparing him.

  • He's a He's a mawr athletic Dak Prescott.

  • So if I'm if I'm looking for a guy like that to build my future around, I think he's That's pretty dadgum solid.

  • No question, that's three.

  • Dad comes, by the way, but one very quick follow up.

  • I'm gonna make sure I'm understanding what you're saying.

  • Are you telling me that if you were making the pick, you would consider taking fields ahead of Lawrence?

  • As right now?

  • Yeah, I would start, considering that now, from what I'm seeing so far and again, we're only two games in for Ohio State, but he's definitely on track to me toe.

  • Just making this decision a lot more difficult than we thought it would be before the season.

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because of the rookie salary cap.

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I would consider taking Justin Fields over Trevor Lawrence in the NFL draft - David Pollack | Get Up

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