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  • there is Tim Legler alongside and Tim.

  • You're the best in the business when it comes to the touch screen and telling us some stuff.

  • Okay, if you could make sense of what happened there on the end of that last minute and a half, you just heard pandemonium is the way Tucker described make sense of the place and what happened?

  • Well, I'll make.

  • I'll make sense of the great plate of James Harden May, but I don't love with Oklahoma City was doing here late.

  • Now you get in this situation down 1 16 seconds to go.

  • I like the bone, Chris Paul's hands.

  • But I would much rather see in this situation someone coming up here and run some two man game and make Houston have to make some decisions and rotations because you've got guys spotted up all over.

  • The Florida can knock down shots.

  • So when you're gonna just go into a one on one situation, I don't think Chris Paul was very decisive of what he wanted to do and catch a break.

  • So he drives in.

  • You get a deflection when this ball comes back right here, watch the play that James Harden makes.

  • So here comes the penetration.

  • You're gonna see the block in a second.

  • Just a fender steps up, but looking harder if he leaves too soon right here.

  • And he wants to leak out to dork.

  • Steven Adams is gonna roll to the rim, and this game is gonna be over.

  • So he has toe wait long enough until this basketball is in the air and then watch the clothes that James Harden is not known for his defense.

  • Putting it charitably.

  • That is perfect timing.

  • And he goes to the side of his body so that he make sure he's not gonna get that chest on chest contact that we saw Goran Dragic's and Chris Middleton have at the end of their game.

  • He goes to the side, gets a piece and makes the game saving play on a night when James Harden couldn't have been much worse.

  • Offensively, he makes a big time defensive play.

  • He actually another block before that.

  • A couple months earlier, on door on a drive to the rim when he blocked it.

  • So give James had a lot of credit.

  • He's not known for doing that kind of thing at the end of the game.

  • You can't do that any better than he did the way he checked.

  • Adam's got out the door, blocked the shot without fouling.

  • That's a big risk to take, even getting airborne in that situation.

  • But he comes up with all ball.

  • He wins the game on the defensive end of the floor, and we saw this at the end of Utah and Denver.

  • Game seven.

  • It's just abject chaos on both ends of the floor, and you're trying to figure out Are we running anything?

  • We're just trying to just I mean, you just play and and Harden makes the play which earns them a date with the Lakers and look there plenty talented enough.

  • And I mean, they have to sigh a massive sigh of relief because there's no walking this back.

  • If you lose to Paul and okay, See, I think they're almost are freed up with the talent.

  • They've got to just go almost not quite free role.

  • But what I'm saying, like, what do you what do you make of that Lakers Siri's?

  • They were tight in this one.

  • There is no question it's got to be a huge relief, especially for heart.

  • They got the win.

  • He didn't play well.

  • We know he's had some moments in the past, so he could sleep well tonight.

  • Here's the problem here they're gonna run into.

  • This is a massive team, the Lakers, and they're going to get destroyed on the offensive glass and points in the paint.

  • It's just a different type of physicality they're going to deal with.

  • Because not only did the Lakers have immense talent, look at the size LeBron James is gonna be getting downhill, the whole Siri's.

  • And then you've got Anthony Davis and a guy with that kind of length beating you up on the offensive glass.

  • So points in the paint.

  • Offensive rebounds.

  • A big problem.

  • Here is another issue.

  • They're gonna switch a lot of stuff, but this is different.

  • P.

  • J.

  • Tucker can get into a guy like Steven Adams and bothering the talent along with the size and the length of Anthony Davis.

  • This is a completely different element to deal with with their undersized lineup.

  • So the thing I love about them is they play small because they've got tough guys like Covington and P.

  • J Tucker.

  • But when you're dealing with a 6 11 Anthony Davis and his skill set when you're dealing with guys on the glass like a Dwight Howard.

  • Ah, LeBron McGee, a D Houston.

  • Houston's got some issues.

  • They can also, with their length, extend out the way they did against Lillard after the first game.

  • They're gonna do the same thing against Harden and Westbrook.

  • Um, Houston's best opportunities.

  • Get this thing up and down the floor a little bit.

  • Get some early driving kick threes, it's for sure, a steep hill to climb, but But better that than getting knocked out by Paul on a team that was supposed to finish 13th in the West.

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there is Tim Legler alongside and Tim.

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