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  • they don't end up making a deal at the deadline.

  • And Dianna Russini has been all over this news.

  • First of all, Diana will Fuller in the mix.

  • Why did they not ultimately make a move to get Aaron Rodgers another weapon?

  • Today?

  • There's certainly a split with the Green Bay Packers in terms of what direction they wanted to move here.

  • There were some that were part of the football organization, at least the football side of this that wanted to get Aaron Rodgers.

  • Ah, wide receiver will fall er from the Texans being one of those guys.

  • But there were some decision makers here in the front office.

  • You did not believe or feel that they wanted to spend that money.

  • They felt that Aaron Rodgers has enough weapons and is able to be as productive as he's been with the guys that they have on their roster.

  • At this point, that's the offensive side of this Lord.

  • There's also a defensive component to this.

  • We know that they have struggled all season long, stopping the run.

  • I also know that there are people on this coaching staff that really tried to get this front office to make a move here to get them.

  • Some defensive players toe help there, but as we see now, no moves were made for Green Bay as you were talking Diana and you'll be with us throughout.

  • This show is, well, Mina Kimes.

  • I'm watching your face.

  • And and, as she was saying that the Packers didn't feel like they needed to add more weapons because maybe they felt like they had enough already on this team.

  • What's your reaction to Diana's reporting?

  • What the Packers didn't do here?

  • Well, I think they could have used help on both sides of the ball.

  • We've talked a lot about the lack of wide receivers or playmakers, but defense has been even more of an issue for this Packers team.

  • They ranked 29th in football outsiders Devi away, which is an efficiency ranking, and this Sunday, their performance against Minnesota.

  • Laura, much like Marcus Spears outfit, reminds me of Dan Orlovsky is outfit.

  • They're basically twins.

  • He reminded me of the NFC championship game because yet again this defense got steamrolled.

  • I mean, granted Kirk cousins through it a few more times, Jimmy only through it six times, but he didn't attempt a single pass or completed single pass rather more than 10 yards to see their Twins.

  • Guys, look at that.

  • It's uncanny.

  • Didn't didn't complete a single pass more than 10 yards downfield.

  • We knew what this offense was going to do.

  • They came in and bad weather.

  • They wanted to run the football, and Green Bay still couldn't stop them.

  • This team has punted on the linebacker position, and we're seeing the effect of that year after year, and I'm surprised they haven't made more of an effort to address it.

  • I like that.

  • You in defense, and I like how we get this day started off on this show because I could tell it's gonna be a good one.

  • Listen, the addressing of the wide receiver spot is what everybody has been paying attention to, and I thought this team was fine.

  • Honestly, then, I mean, when Lazaro was playing at his level and they were waiting for Devante to get back.

  • But as soon as that injury happened, it was pushed to the forefront that they needed to try to get someone else in there to complement what Davante does on the other side.

  • We've seen them have their struggles, and Rogers is solely focused on Davante and making plays.

  • And the guy that he trust Tanyon came in that tight end Val D.

  • A.

  • Scanlon has not turned out to be a guy.

  • He's had moments, ups and downs.

  • But we were seeing Lazard transitioning to being a legit, too, and a guy that could make plays down the field based on what we watched, um, do in New Orleans in particular.

  • But when that transpired, they should have been players in the in the field for a wide receiver and for them in their organization to say they have a guy they don't they don't because they are.

  • They are not watching.

  • What we watching him?

  • Yeah, And just to reiterate Diana Rossini's reporting Dan, she's saying that some of the coaching staff said they wanted to make some moves and then others in the organization, not on the same page.

  • Let's go to the macro level here.

  • Why do you think the Packers didn't make moves today?

  • Well, there's there's really only two reasons.

  • One.

  • If you're the general manager, you either think that you can't win the Super Bowl this year.

  • You either think that your team cannot win the Super Bowl this year or you think that you're closer than you really are.

  • Because there's no way that Brian Good and Kuester general manager watches the same tape that I watch that you guys watch that everyone watches and goes.

  • That's a Super Bowl contending football team.

  • There's no way that you could do that and look at the defense and go.

  • That defense is good enough to get a stop when we need him to get a stop, especially against teams when playoff football comes into play and they very specifically will attack you.

  • So that's my only reasoning to understand it.

  • And listen when I want to address Diana's report that, um, you know, there's a different viewpoint between the coaching staff in front office, Do you know who knows the football team better than anybody?

  • The coach, the general manager does not know the football team as well as the coach.

  • The coach is in those meetings every single day, watching tape on their team every single day, watching that practice and grinding, and so if the coach takes a really, really, really good team and says I need this one piece.

  • I need this one piece for us to go be bona fide Super Bowl contenders.

  • You know what you do?

  • You get it done and you figure out later you figure it out in 2021 when you're holding the Lombardi Trophy.

  • And that's why I'm so disappointed with Green Bay today.

  • You think about Green Bay and the opportunity already having draft Jordan drafted Jordan love and not getting a weapon.

  • But then a chance, maybe to get somebody in there right now and try to win, or maybe on the defensive side of the ball, not doing it.

  • It does make you raise questions, especially as we get closer to the postseason with this team.

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they don't end up making a deal at the deadline.

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Should the Packers have made a move at the trade deadline? | NFL Live

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