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  • transition girlfriend quite for Yeah, well, so I trust you create Don't Don't be in the negotiations.

  • Uh, feature.

  • Make changing.

  • Log on to instagram these days and you'll probably run into pictures like this.

  • This at this.

  • As China's cities grow bigger and bigger at the buildings get taller and taller.

  • They've become a popular destination for urban photographers.

  • They re coup.

  • Who is known for its breathtaking shots of Shanghai cityscape.

  • Yeah, I'm neck and I'm a video producer here ago Threat.

  • I've been shooting videos all across china and I realized that they're just as many stories behind the camera s there in front.

  • So I want to take you to me Some of the photographer signal and show you What's it like to work behind the lens e what?

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  • So it's very cool that wasn't on the sound.

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  • Uh, just a change.

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  • E don't CEO founder is essential from radio.

  • Show your audience Ugo e challenging India or in Joshua alone.

  • You should be, uh, instagram from the region is, uh, a power I should call the champion.

  • Just fishing Talladega in your assistant.

  • Uh, 50,000 instagram He's constantly Roman across the city, looking for inspiration at good spots to show off Shanghai's unique landscape.

  • Enjoy the moment.

  • Mhm.

  • He took me to a rooftop to show me how he shoots Shanghai's iconic skyline.

  • Thes three skyscrapers.

  • I called the Trinity There the three tallest building in Shanghai and a symbol of the city.

  • You got a pie CBD challenging.

  • Wow, a bench in the past.

  • And, uh, Indio also harming you got thio decision tithe.

  • Go to the hardware.

  • Uh, but you don't have todo to soothe starting tissue diaper from issue.

  • Uh, on the, uh, usually someone 20 radio to 400.

  • Uh, Lynda offense.

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  • Detail oriented.

  • Thank you, Johanna.

  • Fashion and shorter.

  • Your domain.

  • Uh, daughter is trump calling, uh, to Patrick production shoot.

  • One of Ray's most popular Instagram posts is the strong shot showing both movement and calm on a sprawling highway in downtown Shanghai.

  • He waited until the late evening when traffic east up a bit after rush hour to take the shot.

  • But if you don't have a drone, Ray has some tips for how to get the perfect urban shot.

  • So here are some takeaways set up a contrast between movement aesthetic objects.

  • Ray used moving cars and people to highlight the buildings that e one girlfriend e.

  • And if you think a scene looks better during the day or night, don't be afraid to wait and come back another time to get the shot.

  • Her no challenges kind off the way you should tithe.

  • What do you got?

transition girlfriend quite for Yeah, well, so I trust you create Don't Don't be in the negotiations.

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You Haven’t Seen Shanghai Like This Before - #NoFilter (S1E2)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/06
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