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  • Here's how to set up your Amazon.

  • Alexa Echo Smart Speaker.

  • We'll be setting up Alexa on a third generation Amazon echo dot The steps are similar across all Echo Speaker devices.

  • To start, you'll need to download the Amazon Alexa App on your phone.

  • When you open the APP for the first time, it'll prompt you to log in with your Amazon account.

  • If you don't have one, choose registered, then you should see a list of users on your Amazon account.

  • Choose your name or register a new user by pressing I'm someone else.

  • Next, the Alexa Apple asked for permission to send notifications to your phone.

  • You can choose allow or later, mhm.

  • Now plug in your Alexa device to power.

  • Once you plug it in, the light will turn orange.

  • Hello, your device is ready for set up.

  • Just follow the instructions in your Alexa App.

  • Next return to the Alexa App Press on the device tab on the bottom of the screen.

  • Here, press on the plus sign on the upper right hand corner.

  • Then choose advice from the pop up menu on the next screen press on Amazon Echo, Then choose the option under the Echo Smart Speaker Group The apple ask you if the orange light on the Alexa Echo speaker is on?

  • If so, press yes.

  • If you're a device, didn't turn orange or the light turned purple.

  • Press and hold the action button on the top of your device until the light turns orange back on your phone.

  • The APP is going to search for available echo devices near you.

  • You should see your device name in the menu.

  • Press it in the next menu.

  • Select your home WiFi network.

  • It will then connect your device to the Internet.

  • Oh, once you connect, you can choose where your devices placed in your home or skip it.

  • Then you can add your address in for local results.

  • Like for whether a restaurant recommendations.

  • You can also skip this step.

  • Now you're Alexa is ready to use.

  • Your echo is ready to personalize your Amazon echo device on the Alexa App Press on the more menu on the bottom right corner in the next menu.

  • Press settings thin under device settings.

  • Choose your new device.

  • Here you'll be able to change device name change Its weak word echo.

  • Can you hear me?

  • Yes, I can hear you.

  • You can also change the device, language and other configurations, like connecting to a Bluetooth speaker.

  • Now you're echo devices personalized to your liking, Alex.

  • So what's the weather right now in New York with Alexa Echo devices?

  • You can also set up skills, which worked pretty much like APS on your phone to find these from the home screen on your Alexa app press on the more menu on the bottom right corner.

  • Press into the skills and games tab and it'll navigate you to the Discover tab.

  • Here, you can browse different skills.

  • You can also press over to the category section or press on the magnifying glass on the top right corner if you know what you're looking for.

  • For this example, let's set up Spotify press on the magnifying glass search for Spotify and press into the result here.

  • Choose unable to use and it will send you over to Spotify is log insight.

  • Put in your information and press log in.

  • Then it will ask you to agree to Alexa using your Spotify app.

  • Press agree.

  • Next, it will let you know that your account has successfully linked.

  • You can press clothes.

  • And now Spotify is enabled on your Alexa Echo Speaker device.

  • Alexa, play Spotify.

  • Here's Spotify.

  • There are many skills that don't require log in information for those assuming you know what skill you want.

  • You can just ask Alexa to enable it.

  • Alexa enabled guided meditation skills.

  • Okay, here's guided meditation.

  • And don't forget your Alexa app can do almost all the things you're Echo Speaker does.

  • All you have to do is press the round blue button on the home page of the Alexa App.

  • What's the weather?

  • In New York?

  • It's 40 F with cloudy spot.

Here's how to set up your Amazon.

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How To Set Up Alexa

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