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  • NARRATOR: If tiger sharks are showing up

  • in the shallows in greater numbers,

  • then it's not because of deep blue.

  • The reason for the attacks remains elusive.

  • But while scouring the ocean for an explanation,

  • experts come across something else

  • that also ensnares large amounts of a tiger shark's prey.

  • But it's not another sea creature.

  • In fact, it walks on two legs.

  • NAIA RAE FOX: I think the reason why we are having more sharks

  • here actually is because the amount of fishing

  • that's been going on.

  • NARRATOR: This is one of the island's most popular

  • activities, sport fishing.

  • Every year, recreational anglers haul in more

  • than 2 million pounds of fish.

  • That means that on any given day off the big island,

  • there are hundreds of fish being caught and reeled in.

  • And for scientists like Dr. Dan Huber,

  • these hooked sea creatures may be attracting sharks.

  • DAN HUBLER: A struggling fish, as its body

  • is twitching a bit, that motion is giving

  • off low frequency sounds.

  • And shark hearing happens to be tuned

  • into low frequency sounds.

  • This is definitely something that could attract a number

  • of sharks to the same area.

  • NARRATOR: So could sport fishing be drawing tiger sharks

  • into the shallows, thereby increasing

  • the risk of an accidental run in with people?

  • According to fisherman Rick Rieger,

  • it comes down to where the best sport fishing takes place.

  • To demonstrate, he heads out to an area well

  • known for the popular pastime.

  • RICK RIEGER: So this is our bottom here.

  • We have some of the steepest drop offs

  • in the whole world right here.

  • This is where you're going to see your tuna, your mahi-mahi,

  • your ono, your marlin.

  • NARRATOR: This location could hold a vital clue

  • to solving the mystery.

  • Called the pelagic zone, this open water

  • abyss extends thousands of miles between

  • the continental shelves.

  • It's home to an array of large sea creatures--

  • whales, manta rays, big game fish, and some of the most

  • dangerous sharks on earth.

NARRATOR: If tiger sharks are showing up

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Could Sport Fishing Cause Shark Attacks? | When Sharks Attack: Tropical Terror

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