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  • head referee Brad Rogers said this the communication between the side judge and the down judge was that the defender contacted the receivers simultaneously as the ball came in.

  • And in order to have defensive pass interference, it has to be clearly early and hinder the receivers ability to make the catch.

  • Let me bring the crowd in here again.

  • Swag.

  • Ooh, Jeff Saturday and Greg McElroy Swagger.

  • What do you think of the call?

  • I thought it was the right call to pick the flag up.

  • Listen, that that's defense.

  • You meet the ball at the point of contact like that's taught in a couple of times when I dropped at L S U in the coverage.

  • That was what was told to me.

  • Try to meet the ball at the point, and Antoine Winfield didn't.

  • And then when you look at this, it's a whole lot.

  • I believe everybody else gold.

  • But this ball should have been out of Daniel Jones hands.

  • Ah, second and a half before he actually threw the ball and we wouldn't even got to this point.

  • Okay, Greg, why are you making that face?

  • I just would have I would have thank God if I saw Spears in the flat like that would have been just a sign from heaven to take advantage of that matchup.

  • Okay, it's better than getting picked up off the ground.

  • I'm glad you're You wouldn't pass.

  • Rush me if I'm sure you're dropping.

  • I'm winning, baby, I love that you are addressing game on guy.

  • No one enjoys the banter more than I do, but let's not get ourselves sidetracked, Jeff Saturday.

  • I watch football every weekend.

  • I see guys in the defense of secondary getting called for nothing.

  • If they touch a receiver on the hip and move him ever so slightly and a play where the ball isn't even thrown in their direction, that's a flag.

  • Wouldn't field clearly gets there early.

  • He clearly pulls the down.

  • This is a pass interference in the National Football League every weekend, and they threw the flag so they had to actually go back, look at it and decide or discuss it and decide.

  • You know what?

  • Upon further review, I know they didn't review it, but upon further discussion they made the decision to overturn the original decision that one official had made someone help me with this job.

  • How is that not interference?

  • No, absolutely not.

  • I can't.

  • I can't be your life saver on this.

  • This is a good call, man.

  • Listen, when you look at that, play the defense, listen, the ball is a bad ball is thrown behind him.

  • It's not.

  • It's not like he's intention to it.

  • He pump fake that he's late.

  • All that happens as Winfield's getting over there.

  • Winfield sticking his arm out the ball, hits him in the arm as his body is touching.

  • And it's not even that much contact on Lewis and all.

  • Honestly, it's Mawr.

  • He's shielding it because he's reaching back to hit the ball.

  • I can't save you on this one green.

  • That's a great play by Winfield to get over the top and get over there.

  • If it's a better ball or thrown out like when When Greg Mack was playing, he to put that ball in the pipeline, we wouldn't have the discussion.

  • Bad ball.

  • Bad deal.

  • Hey, good call.

  • All right.

  • I mean, I'm sitting here on an island.

  • I'm gonna ask Sally, our producer, calling other people and find someone who agrees with me because this is frustrating.

  • Nobody nobody.

  • Nobody is gonna a Giants fan.

  • Nobody's gonna agree with you.

  • Call.

  • It was the right call.

  • Pick the damn flag.

  • Nobody's agree with you.

  • Fair enough.

  • Alright, then.

  • Then let's go to another part of the story, which is?

  • This was a game in which yesterday, Marcus, we were talking about whether or not the Buccaneers should load managed Tom Brady.

  • And instead they wind up having to hold on for dear life on a questionable call.

  • At the very end.

  • What happened to the Buccaneers, who yesterday we thought were the best team in football?

  • Yeah, he a part of this is the psychology of a team, especially when you playing against the Giants and the next week you facing the New Orleans Saints.

  • But I hated they're playing early.

  • It was so vanilla.

  • They played like like some of the play, calling the running on first down, continuously, not let not getting drunk.

  • How skin, Ah, lot of things that I had a problem with.

  • But this is what good teams do.

  • They find a way to win, even though they playing terribly, and Tom Brady showed up at the end of this game like he has so many times.

  • I just had I had a bunch of issues, but the main part was I thought they were just super flat and super casual about trying to win this game.

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head referee Brad Rogers said this the communication between the side judge and the down judge was that the defender contacted the receivers simultaneously as the ball came in.

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