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  • ♪ I like I like to dance

  • You like You like to dance

  • Mira's here to show you how

  • Mira's here to show you how!

  • ♪ I like I like to dance

  • You like You like to dance

  • BOTH: ♪ A new dance coming up right now

  • Oh, yeah! Whoo!


  • Hi, we're doing a dance

  • that our friend, Pinky, and her goat, Pari, just showed us.

  • You can do it, too.

  • Pinky and Pari, take it away.

  • Thanks, Mira.

  • Pari and I love dancing together. (BLEATS)

  • And today, we're gonna show you our favorite move,

  • and you don't even have to be

  • a goat to do it. (BLEATS)

  • I call it The Tap and Bells.

  • First, put your leg out

  • and tap your foot.

  • (BLEATS) Or your hoof, if you're a goat.

  • ALL: Tap, tap,

  • tap, tap, tap,

  • tap, tap, tap.

  • That's it. You got this.

  • Now, let's add the bounce.

  • Put your pointy fingers up,

  • arms to the side,

  • and bounce!

  • ALL: Bounce, bounce,

  • bounce, bounce.

  • (CHUCKLES) Wow.

  • Pari and I think you're doing great.

  • Now let's tap and bounce

  • at the same time with music.

  • Hit it. (BLEATS)


  • Amazing dancing. Keep going.

  • (DISAPPOINTED BLEAT) Oh, no, Pari,

  • your bow fell off.

  • Let's get it back on.

  • (BLEATING) Come on, Pari.

  • Come back. It's bow time.

  • While Pari gets her bow back on

  • we can keep dancing.

  • See you next time.

  • PINKY: Pari.

  • Pari.


♪ I like I like to dance

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Pinky's Goat Dance ? | Dance with Mira and Friends | Mira, Royal Detective | Disney Junior

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