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  • What do you say we talk about some good quarterbacks?

  • What rookie quarterback do you see making the biggest headlines in the second half of the season?

  • It's gonna be to a ton of I love Miami because I thought about when Bryan Flores who, by the way, that guy can coaches behind off.

  • You can say whatever you want, but that guy in a year and a half, that brother gets it in.

  • Bryan Flores, he's is terrific, gets his players to play hard for him.

  • They can dial up plays, getting ready for the seat, getting ready for the start of the game and then make great adjustments in the game.

  • But he told everybody what he felt about to a ton of my lower by putting him in.

  • Even though Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing pretty well from Miami, he was not willing.

  • Tohave fits tragic show up.

  • When fits.

  • Magic ran out for Miami, he said.

  • I'd rather put a guy to a ton of our law that guys will continue to rally around and you saw that the special teams they scored a touchdown.

  • The defense they scored a touchdown to Otavalo did not make big mistakes when he had to make a throw to, he was able to do that.

  • When you have a guy celebrated like that like he was in Alabama, then he stepped in with a football team in the division that's there to be taken in the A F C East, with the pages no longer being the King's, that division and Buffalo not that far away from Miami as he continues to get better and better and better.

  • We know that they talk about lower.

  • He's that rookie quarterback.

  • In my opinion, that's gonna make the biggest headlines in the second half of the season.

  • That Miami team is gonna be held to deal with for anybody that plays them.

  • The final eight games of the NFL season.

  • Yeah, look, I think that I think the supporting cast around tour talking about Lower is legit.

  • But I'm going to go with Joe Girl.

  • I think Joe Burrow to me.

  • He has drawn a lot of our balls.

  • Thio the Cincinnati Bengals one of the last time anyone gave a damn about the Cincinnati Bangles.

  • He's brought a new energy, a new life and it just seems like listen, it's like every week.

  • He's getting better and better and better.

  • And we saw what he did last week when he went out when the Cincinnati Bengals went out there and beat the Tennessee Titans.

  • Um, in Cincinnati, this is a guy that's being that's been getting pummeled.

  • But somehow, some way, he still finds ways to go out there and make plays.

  • And I think Joe Burrow and I think Joe Burrow is one of the elite quarterbacks already in his rookie year in the National Football League.

  • They surround him with more talent.

  • Boy, that's gonna be a destination for a lot of guys that want to play with the quarterbacks like Joe Burrow.

  • They get him a line and is good.

  • Joe Burrow is the guy.

  • He has it, I get it.

  • But the question is headline.

  • And that's why I must say to, uh, because I think we've established Joe Burrow is the guy in since he he's great, he's got it that special quality of like it's been Onley halfway through the season.

  • But I have high hopes for the kids with you.

  • Uh, timing of the move, how he played in his debut, and also we have we have the rest of season to evaluate?

  • If he plays well, ton of headlines.

  • If he does not play well, Ton of headlines questioning whether that was the right move.

  • Should he have stopped the whole year?

  • Why did they?

  • You know, I think the story lines are endless when it comes to to, uh, I think we've established Joey Borough is the dude in Since he he's great, he's gonna be great.

  • I predict a really good career for this kid, but two of that unknown factor.

  • I think that's why it's gonna be a bigger buzz in Miami.

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What do you say we talk about some good quarterbacks?

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Joe Burrow or Tua Tagovailoa: First Take debates which rookie QB will make the biggest headlines

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