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  • we're talking about drafting and developing as though winning a championship in one individual year is not the goal.

  • Rather, it is just being really good for a long period of time, which it seems to be what they've done in Green Bay.

  • They've had back to back first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback for the last 30 years, and in that time they've won two championships.

  • I think that's an underachievement.

  • Yeah, I think that's a fair criticism over the last decade or so of Packers football, but I don't think that necessarily speaks the moment right now.

  • They decided that last year their team was not good enough to win the Super Bowl and they decided that they were not one or two pieces away.

  • So they started building for the future and it seems like they're sticking to that plan.

  • It will be somewhat silly.

  • I think right now toe jump off of that plan and go after go trade all your assets.

  • If you're trying to build to having a great team in the future and trade all your assets to make a run right now, when you don't believe that your team is complete and you don't think that Aaron Rodgers is necessarily good enough to put this team on his back, and if he is, he'll do that and drafting another or excuse me.

  • Trading for another receiver isn't gonna change that necessarily.

  • And I would love to sign some sort of player that comes on and takes this defense from bottom of the league, the middle of the league.

  • But that player ain't out there.

  • Nobody's trading Aaron Donald.

  • That's just not a thing that's gonna happen.

  • Wait a minute.

  • What?

  • First of all, why is Graziano nodding like crazy at all of this?

  • I think I think they do believe they're good enough.

  • And that's the point, right?

  • That if you could have told the Packers front office yesterday, adding Player X, let's say Will Fuller or somebody on defense would guarantee you that you go from being a Super Bowl contender to a Super Bowl champion.

  • They probably would have done it.

  • But to your point, Dominique, that player is not out there and they recognize that.

  • So it's about we have a good team, were 19 and six over the last a couple of years.

  • We believe we have a good a chance as anybody with what we have.

  • So going outside of our plan to do something different isn't necessarily where we wanna be, is an organization.

  • So I think it's a little bit different from what Dominique is saying and that they do believe they have a good enough team and that they didn't need to give up assets in order to make, uh, smaller.

  • I mean, if that's where we disagree, is if they if they felt like they were close enough to win the championship, that's where I think drafting a running back and quarterback early in the draft last year.

  • That seems like a team that does not believe that they are, Ah, step away.

  • Or they just believe that love is just that special Mahomes level talent that you can't pass up to me.

  • That suggested me that they were not ready to make this this leak.

  • It's a team that didn't believe that that step was available to them in the draft, that they didn't have a player.

  • They're going Oh, if we draft this guy, we could win next year's Super Bowl.

  • That equation didn't add up for that.

  • You would listen I who is running away with the NFC.

  • There's not a team run away with the NFC.

  • I mean, we can all talk about the Seattle Sea Also.

  • Good.

  • They stink on defense.

  • You know, the template bucking is yet we like what they do on defense, but they're still trying to find their way offensively.

  • There's not one team in the NFC right now that's running away with this.

  • So if you're the Green Bay Packers, you're sitting back saying, looking at the landscape.

  • Yeah, we got a shot, we got a shot at.

  • This is not like we're some scrubs with five and two.

  • But you know what the big teams in the NFC did?

  • Tampa.

  • They added a piece.

  • Seattle.

  • They added a piece.

  • These teams all went out and made moves on the Green Bay Packers.

  • Did nothing.

  • Pollock, go ahead.

  • Well, the Vikings dang sure on on that list, are they?

  • And then just curb stomped you.

  • So I mean, I don't I don't think this is also a team that I'm looking at last that I'm going, man.

  • Yeah, they're gonna be one of those offensively.

  • Yeah, they got some nice pieces, but I'm gonna stop Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers isn't gonna continue Thio play out of his mind like he did to start the season the rest of the year.

  • So, yeah, I understand you're saying what?

  • But the Vikings aren't on that list and it was a bloodbath.

  • I mean, it's just unbelievable.

  • Just pounding it right at you, right at you, over and over again.

  • That's not a team.

  • And the last time we saw the Packers last year, it was in the NFC championship game and it looked very similar to that.

  • It was just straight down your throat.

  • You couldn't stop it.

  • So I think there's a lot of teams that could do that to the Packers.

  • That's exactly right.

  • But the point is, it was the NFC championship.

  • That's the point when they were in the game.

  • I feel like you're saying the same thing I am, but you're acting like I'm disagreeing with you.

  • What I'm saying is that they were this close.

  • There were four teams left that could win the championship next year last year.

  • So why are you planning for a future after Aaron Rodgers when you're that close to winning a championship?

  • with him.

  • No one is ever going to convince me that I don't have this one.

  • Right?

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we're talking about drafting and developing as though winning a championship in one individual year is not the goal.

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