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  • Magic Johnson, Of course.

  • The Laker legend with the ownership group of the Dodgers key.

  • He is dyed in the wool.

  • L a much like yourself.

  • Take it away Key.

  • What you have?

  • What's up, Buck?

  • Well, well, well, Keyshawn, You know, I had to call in man and do the show, but I had to wait till the Dodgers won Eso I'm proud of you, man.

  • Congratulations.

  • And I hate that you had to move to New York.

  • But you still my dog.

  • You still my man.

  • And what's up, Jay Will?

  • How you doing, Magic?

  • We're holding them down out here in the East Coast is getting You said cold weather on.

  • Congratulations to all three.

  • You guys moving on the new show.

  • I really enjoy it.

  • No, it's all good.

  • Let me ask you this, though.

  • Buck, you obviously won a championship at Michigan State, then a little bit over 12 months.

  • You double down with an MBA title beating the Sixers.

  • How does it feel?

  • The win two titles.

  • One is a Laker, one as a Dodger in less than I call it six weeks.

  • Well, it was, uh I tell you, I'm really happy.

  • Um Let's go back to the Lakers, Um, who dedicated their season to Kobe Bryant and, uh, after him and his beautiful daughter passed away.

  • Um, we're still in shock here in Los Angeles, and I think the basketball world eyes also still devastated by the loss of Kobe Bryant.

  • And then when you think about they were rolling and I think the key weekend Keyshawn was on a Friday night, we played Milwaukee and beat Milwaukee.

  • And then on Sunday, we played the Clippers.

  • And remember when we first played the Clippers the first two games they had beat the Lakers?

  • And on that Sunday, the Lakers beat the Clippers, and that gave them the confidence in the moment.

  • Um, and then the season stopped because of covert 19, uh, not knowing what was going to happen.

  • Give Adam Silver, the commissioner, mbah a lot of credit for thinking about a bubble and creating that bubble and putting all the health protocols in place.

  • But I think once the Lakers decided to go to the bubble and all the other teams as well, so I want to say thank you to all the players and all the organizations.

  • The Lakers found their rhythm and and really LeBron James had said that he was coming to Los Angeles.

  • He told me when I sat down with them that his whole purpose was to win the championship and put the Lakers back where they belong.

  • And, um, he did exactly that and I think the world got a chance to see.

  • Also not only is LeBron LeBron James the best basketball player in the world, but we also got a chance to see Anthony Davis performed on the biggest stage, and he dominated as well.

  • And J well, I thought the role players really play well when you think about Dwight Howard and KCP and and Danny Green and then Alice Caruso was a fireplug and a spark plug off the bench as well.

  • And then the man who really just also along with LeBron and A D.

  • Rondo was just special on special doing the whole whole playoff run.

  • So congratulations to to coach Vogel and and Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss because it was just a special run and I think that gave the Dodgers a lot of mo mentum when they started and said Hey, we let's do this Lakers did.

  • It is our turn, and I was happy for Clayton Kershaw.

  • I was happy for Dave Roberts, our manager, you know, to get the monkey off their back.

  • And then I was just happy for all everybody who live in Los Angeles because the Dodgers and Lakers are the the champs of the world.

  • And so it's just a special special time for me.

  • And I know Kobe and Dr Buss and Chick Hearn was looking down from heaven and and being very proud themselves.

  • Magic.

  • There's no doubt it's been Ah, it's been a crazy year all the way around.

  • Take me back a couple of years ago because I give you so much credit with the way everything kind of happened with the Lakers organization, obviously so much respected Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka what they're able to do.

  • But I mean that that initial conversation with LeBron James, you set the foundation for him to come to L.

  • A.

  • How does that make you feel when you watch it all come to fruition like that?

  • And it pans out in the world championship for a team that obviously it's so close to your heart?

  • Well, It makes me feel great.

  • J will.

  • And because, you know, first of all, you know, you had to just explain to LeBron enrich Paul.

  • We all three were sitting there and I said, Listen, we're not going to be a dominant team.

  • Uh, your first year?

  • Are you going to be okay with that?

  • You know, I think we could make the playoff, but I don't think we're gonna have a chance to win the championship.

  • And he said, No, I'm here for the long run.

  • And so to see it all work out in the workout for Jeanie Buss workout for LeBron and and the whole organization and the fan base.

  • I was very happy And what I told to LeBron that day, We gotta get people who could do multiple things.

  • And I think that that's why Ah, lot of people told me not to sign Rondo, but I said no.

  • Rondo was a champion.

  • He plays better and takes his game to another level in the playoffs, you know?

  • So despite what people told me, I knew what multiple ball handlers J will.

  • Guys, you got two guys that could make guys better.

  • It was gonna be better for the Lakers.

  • And so and then, when Rob Pelinka pulled off the Anthony Davis trade, that really just took the Lakers to the championship level.

  • So and, uh, I'm just happy that it worked out.

  • Um, you know, it was a great run for me.

  • And now to see the Lakers as champions is just it just blows my mind.

  • And again the sea.

  • Jeanie Buss as a woman standing there knowing that she put this all together makes me really proud.

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Magic Johnson, Of course.

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Magic Johnson reacts to the Lakers and Dodgers winning championships just weeks apart | KJZ

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