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  • Yeah, things.

  • Copenhagen factory makes £330 of licorice per hour Licorice is candy made from the licorice root.

  • It's a popular tree in Scandinavian countries, known for its salty taste and deep black color.

  • Over 10 years ago, Johan Bulow made it his mission to make the world fall in love with licorice, and today he ships his product worldwide.

  • Let's go find out how he gets his licorice from the factory in Copenhagen, thio each of his 1500 shops around the world.

  • Mhm.

  • It takes between eight and 24 hours to make a batch of licorice from liquids.

  • Molasses is added to the licorice.

  • It's pressure cooked until the air is squeezed out and cools on a conveyor belt in long strands before being snipped into small pieces.

  • Chocolate is dripped on the surface for eight hours, and each llegar score is covered in up to 30 thin layers of chocolate than fruit powders, Liquors, powders or salt are added.

  • This labor of love started with Johan's passion for licorice.

  • As a child, I definitely grew up loving licorice.

  • We ate quite a lot, but when it came to his business he was interested in creating a gourmet version of the popular candy people in the Scandinavian countries.

  • In Germany, they eat quite a lot licorice, but they were used to just buying it in a supermarket from a large scale factory on, I just realized there must be a gourmet market for licorice or like Chris in Danish.

  • But what makes it gourmet?

  • It comes down to where liquids gets ingredients.

  • They source molasses from South America, local oil from the island of Bornholm, and their most popular ingredient, the licorice root, is shipped from the Middle East.

  • One of their best selling products is chocolate covered licorice, including passion fruit, caramel and coffee flavors.

  • But it's not just Danes that love licorice now.

  • This is the first time in the company's 11 year history that over 50% of turnover is coming from exports to other countries.

  • Johan opened his first shop on the small island of Bornholm in Denmark.

  • His creations air now sold in 1500 shops in six different countries, including Germany and Dubai.

  • Before moving into a new market, Johan's team travels to each place toe, learn about the people and the flavors of the culture.

  • Then he creates products based on what he learns.

  • That's a way of growing in new markets.

  • Actually, we created a specific product for Dubai, and then we added, the flavor of Bulgarian rose leaves to it.

  • In 2007, the company took in one million Danish kroner, or 156,000 U.

  • S.

  • Dollars.

  • That revenue has increased 200 times over 11 years now at $31 million this past year.

  • 11 years ago, when someone told me that I was dreaming just creating a gourmet licorice, almost everyone was laughing at it on.

  • I think they're laughing again when I'm trying.

  • Thio teach the world to love the Christian.

  • Let's see e.

  • Think we can make it to be honest.

Yeah, things.

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