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  • It was just this weird idea I had because the town needed money.

  • E.

  • So you shot the video and then had Evan show it to you?

  • I We needed 750 grand over three years to keep the school from closing down.

  • We blew way past that.

  • We got enough to buy back the base.

  • Redevelop it.

  • And the speech.

  • Viral speech.

  • Can I get a motion to vote?

  • Actually, I'm here about that.

  • What?

  • The word resolution.

  • I'll get it.

  • My can help me.

  • Yeah, you just have alone.

  • Just leave enough room for that roadside in.

  • They're supposed to have no class.

  • I'm lost.

  • Okay, Dad, that's good.

  • But you have to leave after All right.

  • One more time.

  • I guess they were principles and just hobbies.

  • Yes.

  • Mhm.

  • Holy shit Ways.

  • Really?

  • Just baiting the hook.

  • You guys took it from there.

  • I was never expecting her.

  • Oh, I had a fucking blast.

  • So you used make all right way used you.

  • You guys only show up here once every four years, and only then because it's a swing state.

  • And then when it's over, you're gone.

  • But we're still here with all the same problems we had before Just waiting around for you to come back and make the same empty promises.

  • Last time we use the system, you make millions of dollars funneling tens of millions of dollars into this election economy.

  • All we did is take a cut.

  • Well, I guess I just I thought that maybe you and I had a little something, right?

  • The I'm 28.

  • I mean, in what world?

  • With this Be okay.

  • Right.

  • D c in L.

  • A parts of New York, Miami, maybe Dallas.

  • Mhm.

  • No, it wasn't personal.

  • Hmm.

  • Who was math?

  • Yeah, but this system, the way we elect people, it's terrifying and exhausting.

  • E think it's driving us all insane?

  • No.

  • Check it out.

  • Yeah.

It was just this weird idea I had because the town needed money.

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