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  • things air disappearing at an increasing rate.

  • Both animals and cultural sites.

  • Three D scanning is awaited.

  • Digitally captured the world to make a copy of something.

  • My personal missions to build, technologies to help explore the world's and the disappearing things around us, whether their cultural heritage sites, archaeology sites or the natural world.

  • Harry, hey, come here.

  • Even here in Indonesia, I don't think a lot of people have seen this modern writhe bars.

  • They're nice and wide apart, so the cameras will be able to look through them.

  • We won't have to see any of the bars, and tarp over the top will keep the cameras drive.

  • It starts raining.

  • Being able to use this scan is an education and outreach tool.

  • To get everyone excited about saving this animal is a great use of the technology.

  • We're using a technique for three D scanning called Photo Graham a tree.

  • We're taking many, many photographs and merging them together to get three depth perception.

  • Because the three D scan this is actually the first animal that we've tried to three D scan and being the Sumatran rhino.

  • Very important, Critically endangered animal is a pretty high bar to set for us?

  • No, we'll get all the super clamps on them and then we'll mark the cameras and we'll do a focus.

  • Test led lighting.

  • See?

  • We got it.

  • Sounds good.

  • Alright, so doing three d scannable live animals Very different than doing a stationary object with a live animal.

  • It moves.

  • Is changing its three d geometry enough that you can't just use a single camera.

  • What you have to do is capture all the images that you're going to use the stitch into three D at once.

  • You big, beautiful animals.

  • Oh, did you hear him?

  • You might spend something fierce.

  • So the solution is an array of cameras.

  • Way put together 18 cameras that are all triggered.

  • So they fire exactly at the same millisecond waken basically freeze time and have all of these images of the rhino at the exact same instant.

  • So we can build these into a three d model.

  • Don't super worry about exactly where they're set yet.

  • That's good.

  • Thes cameras, air spread approximately equally in three rows and all of those cameras come back to central boxes which are triggering each camera at once.

  • When we press a single remote.

  • Yep, this one's before 800 kg Rhino just totally cooperating and doing this crazy dance to get scanned.

  • So beyond just doing a single capture.

  • We freeze the animal in time.

  • We're doing other analysis and video like animal gait analysis so we can see how the rhino moves.

  • We can see how its head moves.

  • It's like moves.

  • It's tails, tears.

  • We will be able to take these scans and actually animated.

  • So we will have a rhino that looks photo realistic.

  • That's walking around the way that it actually moves and how its musculature and skin moves with.

  • I'm actually surprised that differ and stuff on the back didn't do us that bad.

  • Leave the posts where they are, though that's his favorite ear scratching post right there, too.

  • So once we have the state all processed and our artists clean it up and make it look perfect, the end application here is that we can have a digital copy of this rhino that can be fully articulated.

  • Move around in three D space so you can put on a headset and stand next to the Sumatran rhino and be one of the few people have ever been able to do that, Being able to look at it from all sides, being ableto walk up and look in the animals, I creates an emotional connection that's beyond what you can get from a flat video or photograph.

  • The ultimate application of this will be to bring the rhino to everyone.

things air disappearing at an increasing rate.

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Creating The First 3D Scan of an Endangered Species | Explorers In The Field

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