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  • Houston.

  • Big moves more.

  • He goes to the Sixers, and now Houston.

  • They have their new head coach.

  • It's not a veteran name.

  • As you mentioned, it's a first timer.

  • Stephen Silas will be James Harden's next head coach.

  • According to Asian War Danowski, the former Dallas Mavericks assistant will take over in Houston.

  • It is breaking news tonight.

  • Here on SportsCenter.

  • The team is finishing up the details.

  • An announcement will be made soon.

  • The 46 year old Silas has been an N B A assistant for nearly two decades.

  • Now he oversees a team with future Hall of Famers.

  • In that backcourt, that is Harden and Russell Westbrook.

  • So who exactly, is Stephen Silas?

  • He was an assistant with four different franchises, nearly two decades of experience.

  • He was reportedly, uh, leading candidate for this exact same job back in 2016.

  • But the Rockets decided to go with Mike D'Antoni.

  • His dad, Paul Silas, was a three time champ and also a long time head coach in the league, most notably LeBron James, first head coach with the Cavaliers in 2003 and Adrian Ward Janowski joining us now, with much more on this breaking News Watch.

  • So Jeff Van Gundy He was also in the mix here to return to Houston.

  • Why did the Rockets ultimately go with Silas?

  • Well, the Rockets did talk extensively with Jeff Van Gundy.

  • Kevin.

  • And, you know, ultimately, I think from Jeff Van Gundy's end, there just wasn't a fit there.

  • I do think he'd like to return to coaching, but not a fit there this time.

  • And Stephen Silas was, you know, a prominent part has been a prominent part of that Houston search.

  • He's been in Dallas under Rick Carlisle, most recently a zone assistant, and has coached some great guards in his career as an assistant coach.

  • Luca Don check Kemba Walker in Charlotte, Steph Curry in Golden State, and I know that the Rockets really like his innovation offensively.

  • And three ideas.

  • He had to build a new system.

  • Now, around Harden and Russell Westbrook.

  • And, uh, listen, this is somebody who grew up in the coaching profession, obviously his father, Paul Silas.

  • Not just a legendary player in the league, but really an outstanding coach.

  • And, you know, he certainly comes with great pedigree to the Rocket.

  • Now, this is the first big decision.

  • Houston is made without Daryl Morey after he left here and you are reporting earlier today that more is finalizing a deal to become president of the 70 Sixers.

  • How did this deal come about with Philly?

  • Really?

  • Immediately after Daryl Morey had walked away from the Rockets, these conversations with the Sixers began, and really, they were a continuation of some conversations he had with the Sixers a couple years ago.

  • They went after him when they had a previous front officers that led them the higher Ellen Brand.

  • Um, he essentially leverage that past Sixers offering to a new deal in Houston.

  • But we know things changed in Houston here over the last year on Daryl Morey remained really a prominent figure in the minds of Philadelphia's ownership group.

  • Remember, Sam Hinkie was a disciple of Daryl Morey in Houston, and now he comes in with Doc Rivers.

  • They're finalizing the terms on mores contract.

  • He will be the president of basketball operations in Philadelphia.

  • He will oversee Theo Entire organization, and it's certainly a different day for the Sixers having Daryl Morey come in and run the team on DSO.

  • Certainly a relationship with Doc Rivers that also dates back, you mentioned hinky.

  • This is a different type of trusting the process, because the Sixers have now two stars in their mid twenties as they try to build this foundation.

  • Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons let let's go a little bit deeper with this connection with Maureen Doc Rivers.

  • What does that mean for this franchise going forward?

  • Well, Doc Rivers was certainly enthusiastic about Maury coming on before Daryl Morey left the Rockets.

  • You know, he had tried to hire Doc Rivers in Houston with Tilman Fertitta, their owner.

  • He went to the Sixers, and then that process started to bringing Maury to Philadelphia.

  • But you know, these air to individuals who wanted toe work together who are excited about working together and ultimately, you know, they're going to be charged with putting the pieces together on this roster and deciding, you know, with the Joel Embiid Ben Simmons partnership how they might proceed.

  • I think the plan continues to be to compliment those two players.

  • Find those around them that will make Embiid and Simmons, you know, blossom as a partnership.

  • I think they think there's plenty to do around them.

  • Ultimately is their decision to be made about doing a big trade.

  • Are they both destined to be in Philadelphia a long time?

  • Well, that's the conversation now that starts with Rivers and Daryl Morey, but certainly think the plan right now is to move forward with those two on and see how they can ah, supplement around them here in this off season, you know, and I know they need shooters.

  • Ryan knows as well.

  • We'll see how that plays out.

  • That is the task for Maury moving forward on.

  • We just saw this graphic.

  • Over the last 13 years, more has made the most trays in the MBA just one ahead of the Sixers woes with the breaking news tonight here in the N.

  • B.

  • A.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.


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