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  • a major earthquake has struck off the coast of Turkey, north of the Greek island of Samosa.

  • At least 19 people are dead and more than 700 were injured when buildings collapsed in the Turkish city of Izmir.

  • On the quake was felt from Athens to Istanbul, from where all the gear in reports amateur video, captured the awful power off the quake.

  • This multi story building disintegrated into dust on the streets of his mirror.

  • There was fear and panic.

  • I saw people crying, trying to reach out to their loved ones.

  • Um, everyone was shocked and it was a very Codec moment.

  • About 20 buildings were brought down.

  • The quake was felt as far away as Istanbul on Athens.

  • Turkey is crisscrossed by active fault lines, the danger always lying beneath.

  • Rescuers picked their way carefully through the rubble here, finding a survivor and gently cradling his head.

  • The man was brought out alive, like dozens of others on for some emotional reunions, social distancing swept away by the chaos on the relief.

  • Okay, eyes mere bore the brunt of this earthquake, but two teenagers died in the Greek islands and in the midst of loss, there's been a rare display of solidarity between two nations that are deeply divided.

  • Turkey's president rigid.

  • Tayyip Erdogan thanked Greece for offering its help on said Turkey was standing with its neighbor in difficult times.

  • This'll is a glimpse of one mother is terror.

  • Today, Salan Atash sprints to the next room for her only child, 18 month old Ilhan, asleep in his cot, for she gets in the way to safety.

  • But danger also came Sarge ing from the A G in sea levels rising because of a mini tsunami, and there have been about 100 aftershocks tonight.

  • The rescue effort is continuing, searching for life under layers of crushed concrete.

  • In Turkey, there is grief on shock on the knowing fear off when the next big one is coming.

a major earthquake has struck off the coast of Turkey, north of the Greek island of Samosa.

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