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  • [Nancy] "Nancy's Dinner Party."

  • Ooh là là... là là ♪

  • Oh, bonjour. Hello!

  • You're just in time.

  • I'm hosting a fancy dinner party.

  • [doorbell chimes] Oh! Those must be my guests.

  • I like to greet them-- greet is fancy for saying hi--

  • with a friendly yet elegant... Bienvenue! Welcome!

  • Please, come in.

  • Hey, Nancy. Where's the grub?

  • Yeah, we're starving!

  • Take a seat.

  • Wowie! Fancy.

  • Looks delicious.

  • What a spread.

  • Let me at it!

  • Bon appétit, everyone.

  • That's French for "enjoy your meal."

  • Thanks, Nancy. We will.

  • Yummy! Please pass me whatever that is.

  • Now, a dinner party simply must have good conversation.

  • That's a fancy word for talk.

  • So, please, tell me how you are.

  • I'm great, Nancy. Bok Bok and I are making lots of new jokes.

  • They're egg-cellent. Get it? [chicken clucks]

  • [giggles] Egg-cellent. Oui, yes!

  • I saw the most beautiful butterfly today, Nancy.

  • It was blue with black around the edges.

  • [gasps] Sounds sublime. [Rhonda] Yeah.

  • Well, I beat Wanda in soccer twice today. Then I beat her in volleyball.

  • Uh... no, I beat Rhonda in soccer twice, and then I beat her in volleyball.

  • -Did not! -[Wanda] Did too!

  • Nancy, this food is amazing.

  • Yeah. Thanks for inviting us.

  • You're welcome, mes amis. That's French for "my friends."

  • And now I'd like to make a toast.

  • To all of you. You're what turns a dinner into a party. To you.

  • [all] Cheers to Nancy!

  • Yeah. To Nancy.

  • This dinner isn't just ooh là là, it's chew la la!

  • [all laughing]

  • [giggles] The best part of a dinner party

  • is having a fantastique time with friends.

[Nancy] "Nancy's Dinner Party."

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Nancy's Dinner Party ?️ | Fancy Nancy | Disney Junior

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