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  • Mm.

  • Oh, hi.

  • Um, actually didn't notice you there.

  • Are you a fan of planes, trains and automobiles?

  • If so, today's French lesson is for you because we're gonna learn how to say all the different modes of transportation and friends.

  • So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

  • Both Normans at me in French, we referred to different modes of transportation as a Maya, The transport.

  • You know the bus?

  • Well, it's considered a mode of transportation.

  • And in French, it's called Repeat after me Lettuce s.

  • So now let's learn a couple of very important words.

  • The first is the French verb punk, and that means to take.

  • And we can use your palm plus the name of the transportation to indicate how we're getting from point A to point B.

  • So, for example, to say, I'm taking the bus, I would simply say shit palm plus live.

  • Can you say that Palm levies Excellent.

  • Let's practice what we've learned.

  • I'm going to run through these words, but please feel free to stop the video as necessary so you can get a much practice and repetition as you need Bus Lubis, Japan.

  • Lubis, Taxi Luke Taxi, Japan.

  • Luke taxi claim.

  • Labaton!

  • Japon Lab Bike labs Eclipse!

  • Japon Lobby sick!

  • Let car love!

  • Watch your Japon, Love!

  • Watch your boat!

  • Lobato!

  • Japon!

  • Lobato!

  • Now we're gonna move on and I'm actually going to give you a few words that you can use to describe not what you're taking but where you are going.

  • And for this particular construction, we're going to use gyp palm, plus the name of the transportation we're taking a plus a plus the place that we're going Thio e o Airport Larrocha Japan Davis Ally Ropa Station Last ASEAN Japan Abuse Allah station Hotel low Tell Japan abuse alot tell you've done an excellent job.

  • Now let's use what we've just learned in a dialogue e o j booth vis EMEA darker A quality care back memorial Eskridge Paul Uh huh Hmm Sample of your separate Catic a patra chef DACA is really, really shit s taxi hotel way Absolutely no way A way off the dock uh, didn t to receive below excellent, messy bogey a white folks though that concludes today's lesson I hope you really enjoyed it And I hope that you will continue to practice your French in all kinds of different settings.

  • For more French vocabulary words, make sure you check out Lonely Planet's first words French Siri's and stay tuned for more language videos from me.

  • Oh, Erica.

  • Sadly, that's all for today, so I'll walk it a bientot chow.


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