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  • three years ago, I decided to do something stupid.

  • I decided to see Trump in person.

  • So I flew to South Carolina to sneak into one off his rallies in style, e dressed up like a true American and went to see Trump and all the other Republicans running for president.

  • I started with Ben Carson on, and there are certain values and principles He waas boring.

  • Then I went to Ted Cruz and in afraid to say so, toe anyone ever he waas too slow.

  • Then Marco Rubio.

  • Hey Waas, too scripted.

  • And then Donald Trump he waas different on.

  • That's why he fascinates me.

  • His rally was like a full on show pull off excitement and energy.

  • His music was energizing on.

  • His words were simple the whole time.

  • He never said even one complicated word.

  • Who is going to pay for the wall?

  • Who, instead of employment, he says Jobs Instead of legislation, he says, La Haye used language so easy anyone could understand the old grandpa and the young kids.

  • Next for stop on the Trump.

  • All of them got his message.

  • Even if it was fake Donald Trump supporter.

  • I believe that Donald will make America great again.

  • At the Trump Rally, I saw ignorance, but above all I saw excitement.

  • It really was a fun rally way.

  • Have a trump looking.

  • I don't support Trump, but I do support the way Trump communicates.

  • All the other candidates we saw were so boring, so scripted.

  • Everybody almost fell asleep.

  • Listening to them lead something incredibly special about the nation in which we live in.

  • We should be incredibly grateful for.

  • That makes no sense.

  • And this isn't just Republicans.

  • Democrats do it all the time.

  • The way they speak is just too boring or too complicated for the average border.

  • Instead, off jobs, they say, way past act number 578983 And no one really knows what that act is.

  • Politicians in the United States and outside of it need to create a better version off Trump Trump off the left, one that can tell a message so simple a five year old can understand and stand behind a message about love and unity, not about hate and division.

  • At the end of the rally, South Carolina went to vote and Trump won by a wide margin.

  • Then he won the elections and change the world.

  • It was not surprising Politicians need to step it up and change the way they communicate.

  • Because maybe then we can fix the mess way are in right now.

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three years ago, I decided to do something stupid.

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What I Learned From a Trump Rally

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