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  • So I'm now in the middle of hitchhiking

  • A huge rain cloud came out

  • I've been out here for about 30 minutes, a huge rain cloud came out

  • And I took shelter in this little like Ruth area

  • And now I'm back at it I don't know if anyone's going to stop by

  • been out here for about an hour

  • So here's my sign

  • I'd share this experience with all of you

  • So we can do this together

  • If someone stops you're going to be here with me

  • And we're all going to rejoice

  • Because that means I'm going to Kagoshima

  • Right now, I'm now Ibusuki I'm on my way

  • That way

  • So wish me luck

  • These people are cracking up every time they go by, by the way

  • I figure they can stop in here

  • Now from the cars can reduce keep on going to Kagoshima

  • Oh

  • No way she stopped

  • stopped, Oh my god

  • OK

  • all right

  • OK

  • Wow

  • Oh this is exciting

  • Daijyoubu, Sumimasen (It's OK, Many thanks!)

  • Zutto Hokkaido made iku (I'm going to go up to Hokkaido)

  • Hajimmatta Bakari (Just started!)

  • Sumimasen (Thank you)

  • Kore iranai (No need)

  • Arigatou gozaimasu (Thank you so much)

  • Jyu-roku-Cha (16 different tea leaves- mixture)

  • Wow, Ureshi, Arigatou-gozaimasu (Great!, thanks a lot)

  • Minasan Arigatou-gozaimasu (Thank you very much for everyone)

  • Thank you everybody, You too

  • I'm going to Kagoshima everybody thank you so much for

  • that was fast, thank you so much everybody

  • I'll see you again in Kagoshima

  • Bye

So I'm now in the middle of hitchhiking

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Someone Stopped in Only 3 Minutes! ☆ LIVE #03

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    Summer posted on 2020/10/31
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