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  • hey i'm hiroko

  • japan is well  known for being a tidy place

  • but at the same time japan is  struggling with reducing plastic waste

  • these days there is an issue especially in the  harajuku area with the amount of plastic waste  

  • caused by the recent boba tea trend

  • tokyo has been  trying out new solutions

  • in this video i'll show you what they are

  • and also share my favorite tips  to help you reduce plastic waste when in japan

  • we have arrived in front of the new type of  rubbish bin

  • first let me explain to you how it works

  • this new rubbish bin is called SMAGO

  • it's an acronym of sumato romibako which means smart rubbish bin that uses iot technology

  • also it is powered by a solar panel located on the top

  • it can hold up to six times the amount of rubbish  

  • it has a sensor in it so if the amount  of rubbish reaches more than 80 percent  

  • it automatically compacts it

  • also i like  the fact that they draw Kyoro-chan on them

  • the recent plastic waste problem has been  caused because of the plastic cups used for  

  • boba so i want to test something to see ifalso can help reduce this problem

  • i want to ask this Boba shop if it's possible for them to you  know let me use my own reusable bottle

  • i bought them from a hundred dollar shop a while ago

  • be  happy bottle and stainless straw okay let's check

  • turns out not every shop  allows us to use our you know  

  • reusable bottles so let's not give up i have  another bubble shop in mind so follow me

  • okay let's wait for our turn

  • that's so good i'm really happy

  • after  july 1st 2020 most of the stores in japan started to charge a fee for plastic  bags

  • to promote the use of reusable bags and help to reduce the amount of plastic  waste

  • the reusable bags are available in most stores

  • for example 100 yen shops, 3  coin shops,supermarkets and convenience stores

  • this is the bag i use for  shopping it's hello kitty  

  • have you ever forgotten to bring your reusable  bag when shopping

  • somehow it often happens to me

  • i tend to forget to put it back in my backpack

  • is it just me anyway i have a backup plan

  • we can always make a bug using cloth

  • sorecommend you to always keep extra Furoshiki clothes in your bag that you mainly use

  • these  particular clothes are called furoshiki in japanese

  • Furosuki is a type of traditional  wrapping cloth

  • it can be used in multiple ways including using as Mybag

  • it started in nara  period but it became popular during the edo period

  • Furoshiki is not as popular as before but it's  still a valuable tool in our lives even now

  • if you ever want to buy one shop in  kamakura or kyoto sell authentic ones

  • to be honest i had no idea how to  use furosiki until recently though  

  • my mom is kind of an expert  with it so i learned it from her

  • i'll show you how to make a bag out  of it

  • at the very end of this video

  • so if you're interested let's practice  together

  • okay let's head over to the next spot

  • my favorite go-to item for reducing plastic bottle waste is from Muji.

  • follow me and i'll show you

  • as you can see on this photo from muji it has the  japanese kanji for water written on it

  • the bottle costs 190 yen and you are able to refill it in  some Muji store at their refill station

  • sadly this option is not available in all Muji stores yet but by using the Muji water app  

  • on our phones we are able to see what stores  have this service and where they are located

  • let's try it

  • well that's it for today's  video did you guys learn something new

  • although i'm still learning  how to reduce waste myself  

  • i hope the information i've shared with you guys  today will be helpful to you in the future

  • let's do our best to help reduce the plastic waste not  only in japan but in your country too

  • hiroko out

hey i'm hiroko

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New solutions in Japan to reduce plastic waste

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    Summer posted on 2020/10/31
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