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  • really interesting news in the n b.

  • A.

  • Daryl Morey is soon to join the Philadelphia 70 Sixers as the president of basketball operations, meaning Elton Brand stays as the G M Daryl Morey Wheels and deals and flips rosters routinely.

  • Jalen, what do you think this could mean for the Sixers roster?

  • E think this is a great hire.

  • Fulfill E.

  • The one thing that Darryl was able to do in Houston was acquired James Harden when he was the sixth man in O k.

  • C.

  • Turn him into a max player in an M v P candidate.

  • The genius of Mike D'Antoni was to put the ball in James Harden's hands when he was playing like a traditional shooting guard.

  • And then he became a 30 point score that could also lead the league and assist.

  • But what Daryl Morey was not able to do Jacoby.

  • It showed that his micro ball can actually win when it mattered the most, and they had a couple of times in a couple of playoff.

  • Siri's where that style fizzled out.

  • So now you put him in Philadelphia, you totally gutted the Rockets roster.

  • So now if you're Daryl Morey, what moves can you initially make to change the dynamics of Philadelphia instantly?

  • And they're gonna be looking at Joel and be versus Ben Simmons.

  • If I'm Daryl Morey, I try to find a way to parlay Joel and be for Russell Westbrook and or P J.

  • Tucker in Houston.

  • They're gonna have to play Mawr traditionally.

  • So therefore, you have James with the ball on the perimeter, and you have Embiid as his big in the Eastern Conference.

  • You have two guys in Ben Simmons in Russell Westbrook that no one is ever going to stop from getting to the basket.

  • No.

  • One.

  • Both of those guys have found ways to not be able to shoot jump shots is still basically worked with triple doubles, and Russell's been in M V P of the league.

  • And you say, Well, that's not Maury Ball.

  • Mori Ball is actually also getting layups in dunks and getting to the free throw line.

  • Those two guys do that, too.

  • We get so enamored in the three point shot you gotta remember they played against the Gold State Warriors and missed 27 in a row when it mattered the most.

  • You can't solely rely on the three.

  • So if you've got two of those guys that can play make in the East Russell Westbrook and Ben Simmons in the East.

  • Oh, when when do they play the Nets?

  • When do they play the Nets?

  • When do they play the Celtics?

  • When do they play the heat?

  • I'm here for this.

  • And so if I'm Daryl Morey with Doc Rivers, I try to find a way toe parley.

  • Indeed, people are gonna be saying Simmons, but he's healthier, indeed, Has had an injury issue issue.

  • He can't really practice every game.

  • He's gonna have low management, but he's all NBA talent.

  • Anybody wants Joel and beat on their team.

  • And so if I'm worry, that's what I'm considering doing.

  • Very interesting.

  • So you're considering an Embiid for Westbrook Trading.

  • One thing that's interesting about Embiid, which is not necessarily in lockstep with Dale Mori's basketball ethos, is Embiid scores a lot out of the post.

  • They post him up a lot, and as you notice in the n B A, especially a Daryl Morey team, not a lot of post ups a lot more pick and rolls in.

  • A Westbrook Simmons duo would certainly lend itself to Mawr of a Daryl Morey style basketball that I'm sure Doc Rivers would be happy with.

  • But one thing you have to remember with Daryl Morey in this role, along with Elton Brand, is if you look at the contracts that the Philadelphia 70 Sixers have committed to already with their Big Four players, they are tied up.

  • They look at all this money that they have tied up over the next three seasons.

  • Those are big numbers.

  • Al Horford is making $27 million.

  • So Dell Mori, in order to really make an impact on the roster, is gonna have to try to get off one of these.

  • And Embiid to Houston for Westbrook would certainly be interesting, however, if I'm Houston and I see Darryl Mori's bone come up in on my phone, I'm not answering the phone call because I've spent the last 10 years watching him make trades on my behalf and try to rip off other teams and get undervalued players.

  • I'm not gonna allow him to do the same thing to me that he has just done for me.

  • There is also some news for those Houston rockets they now have a head coach and that comes in the form of Stephen Silas.

  • Jalen.

  • What does Stephen Silas is higher tell you about the rocket situation.

  • I'm happy for him and he did a terrific job.

  • Is the assistant with the mask look at players like Luca Donkeys as a young young point guard that is basically established himself as a top 10 player in the game?

  • And when you watch the Mass actually play when you look deeper into their team is like Wait a minute.

  • Trey Burke wasn't in the lead, and now he's balding in the bubble.

  • Tim Hardaway Jr is actually playing really well, uh, and so that development that they've been able to do from within has a lot to do with his assistant coaching.

  • And so he deserves an opportunity as a head coach.

  • And now I believe he's gonna Plame or traditional basketball, meaning how other teams are playing in today's game pace in space but not have a center.

  • That 6 ft five.

  • How about that way will certainly look to them to upgrade at that position.

  • Love P J.

  • Tucker, but he's probably more of a natural four than a five.

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really interesting news in the n b.

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