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  • Copenhagen has always bean mega cool, but lonely Planet has also chosen it for its best city to visit for best in travel.

  • 2019.

  • Copenhagen is Denmark's capital city, and it's been popular with tourists for years and years.

  • But 2019 promises to be a fantastic time to visit.

  • Copenhagen is full of beautiful old architectures, from monuments to Rosenborg Castle, with its gorgeous gardens to the round terror on.

  • Of course, there's the iconic new home harbor.

  • New Hound is a centuries old harbor on.

  • It's the classic place to go because it's absolutely beautiful with its old, colorful buildings.

  • But it's not the only thing to see in Copenhagen.

  • There's plenty of cutting edge design and modern architecture to see.

  • Two.

  • I'm just by the waterside on I've come across these five trampolines that anyone could just come on bounce on for fun.

  • It's brilliant.

  • No wonder the danger so happy.

  • Also regenerating the older areas to former industrial areas like the meatpacking district, which is now filled with really cool contemporary bars in the spaces is a great cool place to hang out.

  • A brilliant example of this regeneration is yes, regatta, which it's fair to say was one of the cities least salubrious streets.

  • But thanks to the efforts of locals, this place has been completely transformed, and it's now got top restaurants and bars and galleries.

  • Copenhagen has been at the forefront of new Nordic cuisine for years.

  • On one of its most famous restaurants, Noma has opened up a new premises on has its own urban farm.

  • There's also a food revolution going on in the street level, one of the best places that you can try.

  • This is it, ref in.

  • It's a street food market in a former industrial area where you can try cuisine from all over the world sold from shipping containers.

  • Could I please have, um, a Damodar?

  • Yeah, it's so good.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Thank you.

  • Copenhagen is filled with lords of wonderful parks and green spaces where you can just explore and relax.

  • The city is also really well set up for bikes with cycle lanes everywhere, and there's also an iconic structure called the cycle snake.

  • Copenhagen is leading by example with sustainability to you can even take a trip on a solar power boat.

  • Tim Bailey is one of Copenhagen's most famous attractions.

  • It's a historic amusement park, but even it's moving with the times.

  • It used to close in the colder months, but now it's open for the winter season.

  • Two.

  • It's quite high on.

  • There's plenty more to come in 2019 to there will be a new metro line that will make it much easier to get from one side of the city to the other on There's even gonna be Copan Hill, Ah, ski slope on top of a recycling center on.

  • With all this going on, why wouldn't you want to come to Copenhagen in 2019?

Copenhagen has always bean mega cool, but lonely Planet has also chosen it for its best city to visit for best in travel.

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