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  • Let's bring you some breaking news from France.

  • Now there are reports from the southern French city of Nice saying that at least two people have been killed.

  • Several people are reported to have been injured in a knife attack near a church.

  • Police have shot and arrested the attacker in The city's mayor says it believes it waas a terrorist attack.

  • We're joined now by our correspondent in Paris.

  • Huge Scofield.

  • Hugh, tell us certain more.

  • What are you hearing?

  • Um this was at nine o'clock this morning.

  • About an hour ago in Iran.

  • A quarter ago.

  • Onda man Brooke what went into the Church of Notredame the last century basilica in the right, in the center off.

  • Niece Andi had a knife of some kind and he attacked people.

  • It seems he started the attack inside the church.

  • Um Onda, we're told now that there are certainly officially two dead and there are media reports of a third dead.

  • Um police were quickly at the scene.

  • Of course, right.

  • The city center.

  • They would have been far away.

  • Shots were fired either in or near the church on demand.

  • The man was injured.

  • Wounded Onda taken into custody So that's all we know s.

  • So far, there's been a crisis meeting called at the Interior Ministry.

  • The Prime Minister has just left the National Assembly, where a debate was on about co vid to go to attend this emergency meeting.

  • The context is all here.

  • Of course, the context of this is the, you know, stage 12345678 Off the Charlie Hebdo.

  • Um, Prophet Mohammed cartoons affair in the context of threats and menaces against France issued from all over the Middle East and the Islamic Islamist the world, if you like.

  • Clearly this is something that people fear the government was afraid would happen.

  • We had the attack on murder two weeks ago.

  • Samuel, Patty the teacher.

  • Andi Now this which looks on the Facebook like it might well be connected as well.

  • Just to add Hugh while we've been talking Reuters have just said that local French police have confirmed that three people afeard to have died from the knife attack in Nice today.

  • What will this mean then?

  • For the city of Nice in terms of security?

  • Well, I mean, every city in the country has got tight security now niece is a city which suffered in its own terrible way.

  • On July 14th, Bastille 2016 when there was a a terrorist attack of a kind with the rampaging Laurie down the seafront which killed what was it?

  • 78 80 people, Um, it zits like any other city.

  • I mean, it's got a very mixed population, but so does every city in France nowadays.

  • Um, this, I think, will raise questions about the security of churches.

  • Um I mean, what on the face of it looks like it's happening is that after the threats issued from various groups and the criticism of France attacks in France from various governments in the in the Middle East because of the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo affair and President Macron's determination to insist upon the right of publications to publish the cartoons of Mohammed if they so wish as a result of the heightening tensions there there there have been threats issued against France, and it looks like quite this is certainly the working theory that once again an individual is used the means available to him a knife to attack French people on.

  • But that is the case.

  • Onda we're entering really a kind of, ah, war of symbols, of war, of blood.

  • But, you know, with with the church's being the target because they are the equivalent of off mosques in the mind of the Islamists, then obviously that raises all sorts of issues about the security of churches.

  • Um, it's It's a very, very worrying development indeed.

  • For the moment.

  • You Thank you very much.

  • You Scofield in Paris.

Let's bring you some breaking news from France.

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