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  • same with Service Cross.

  • That's of course.

  • You know it's the second highest medal of honor.

  • Uhh.

  • It's like somebody punches you in the stomach and you can't get your breath for hours.

  • Presidential would be Biden and my reason and be to get some sort of normal is, um, back to the country.

  • Let's stop fighting.

  • If I could show you pictures of seven years ago when Linda and I came home, how patriotic and how honored we were by the our neighbors that look double like you.

  • Now when we go to the supermarket, they look.

  • I don't understand it.

  • This is America.

  • This is what my grandfather, my parents fought for.

  • I'll be very happy when the elections are over, and I hope of this country's sake and for my grandchildren's sake, that we get back to some peace and harmony and get back to normal, respecting one another.

  • Donald J.

  • Trump, our worst enemy right now.

  • It's those who want to inject socialism and change everything that made this country great.

  • He's the man that stepped up, gave up his livelihood, his income to fix it.

  • Everybody always talks about Staten Island.

  • We are that little town in West Virginia where the working man lives.

  • These people have been neglected.

  • He doesn't neglect him.

  • He acknowledges their service.

  • We just wanna live and feed our kids, pay our mortgage, make sure my community safe.

  • It's that simple.

  • I'm voting for Donald Trump.

  • I feel a little bit safer with him because I feel like people are not gonna wanna mess with him because they're not gonna want to find out.

  • Is he really going to come after us?

  • I believe that he will, too, when I wake up November 4th.

  • And if Donald Trump is not president, I still have bills to pay and dinner to cook and a house to clean and people toe love.

  • The world is not going to end either way.

  • I'm voting for Joe Biden.

  • Kamala Harris.

  • They are not perfect.

  • They are our best option.

  • I'm fearful of what another four years of the Trump administration will look to American people, especially marginalized communities.

  • The fear Israel, and it's valid because you can lose your job if you fall upon the opposite side of the political spectrum of someone who could hire you.

  • It's saddening to see people dislike each other just because they have a difference of opinion.

same with Service Cross.

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For NYers, voting is about a return to 'normal' and who makes them feel safe

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/30
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