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  • The key is, what do you want to be in life?

  • E.

  • No.

  • Adults ask students that all the time.

  • So what do you wanna be when you grow up?

  • And I think it's an unfair question because you don't know what the choices are.

  • If an adult asked you that question, I would say, Hey, let's go to our restaurant and have them not give us the menu And then let's.

  • And then the waiter comes up and says, So what do you want?

  • E don't know what's on the menu.

  • That's not a fair question.

  • And so, for a student, I think it's really hard to choose because you don't know what the choices are.

  • So here's what I recommend.

  • Next time you go toe into a bookstore or a library, notice what part of the bookstore that you always go to.

  • I would bet when you go to the bookstore, you don't go to every single section equally.

  • There are parts of a bookstore that are naturally more interesting to you.

  • You know, you might always go to these three sections of the library because that's the stuff that is really cool or interesting to you on notice that about yourself, because that's kind of who you are.

  • These are the things that interest me.

  • You know, I'm interested in, you know, choose whatever three things you want.

  • Brain surgery and horses and tacos.

  • Those are the three things I'm really interested in.

  • But then, once you've got those things that you are interested in, then picture yourself being on adult doing one of those three things.

  • I'm really interested in horses.

  • Okay, well, maybe I could be a veterinarian.

  • Maybe I should be a ferrier.

  • Maybe I should be a jockey.

  • Maybe I could be a race horse owner.

  • Maybe I should build race tracks.

  • There's a huge world of things that are in the area that you are naturally interested in.

  • So the answer Your question is find out.

  • Do it, do it for yourself.

  • What is in your heart of the things that are really important to you and then visualize yourself as having succeeded in that area and put that on the wall way in the distance is if everything goes great, then someday I'm going to be e don't know the person that implants the first artificial brain whenever that's what I'm gonna do when I'm 50.

  • I'm gonna be the you know, like a heart transplant or whatever.

  • I'm going to do an artificial brain transplant on and you probably won't.

  • But set that way in the distance is your goal.

  • Because the beauty of that ISS, it helps you what to choose to do next.

  • Which is really the hard part.

  • What?

  • What should I do this weekend?

  • What should I do tonight?

  • And if you don't know where you're trying to get to, it's really hard to decide what to do next.

  • Because what do you use is your guideline.

  • But if you know that someday I want to be the person that that owns the horse that wins the Triple Crown in the United States Okay, well, then maybe I should study horses or I should study racing, or I should study.

  • How did Secretary I do so well?

  • How come Man O war was such a dominant horse?

  • Or or how do horses hooves actually work or doesn't matter?

  • By Sunday night, you could be slightly more experts in an area that matters to you.

  • And you don't own a horse or you haven't done brain surgery yet, but you you have turned yourself into somebody slightly different.

  • You are a different person by Sunday night, and even if you don't mean to do that, you're still gonna be a slightly different.

  • If you spend the whole weekend eating chips and watching reruns of Star Trek, You're also gonna be a slightly different person by Sunday night.

  • So to me, the real key is give yourself a long term goal and then deliberately change who you are by the things that you choose to do.

  • And that's what I started doing when I was nine.

  • I just thought, someday I wanna walk in the moon.

  • So what should I do this weekend?

  • And what book should I read and what courses should I take?

  • And should I take care of my body?

  • And what what should I do next?

  • And don't don't despair.

  • Don't say it will never happen or, gosh, Australia doesn't have rocket ships, so therefore I shouldn't even try.

  • All that does is determined that you never have a chance.

  • So start turning yourself into who you're dreaming of being a little bit by bit.

  • Then, even if you don't someday, you know, implant an artificial brain into somebody.

  • You will have moved your life in a direction that suits you.

  • And you could celebrate the successes every single week.

  • You know, this week I didn't do brain surgery.

  • But this week I learned how to use an electronic scalpel.

  • Or this weekend, I learned, How does the medulla blonde got actually communicate with the rest of my body?

  • You could you could celebrate just becoming a more capable human being.

  • And it's totally up to you.

  • You are going to turn yourself in who you are gonna become, whether you mean to or not.

  • So I really recommend that you do it on purpose because it's amazing where life could lead.

  • Oh, mhm.

The key is, what do you want to be in life?

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