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  • Hey, everybody, we're back with the author of Homework, Julie Andrews.

  • Now, in addition to being a celebrated actor, um, and the author of Once Again, this book Homework.

  • A Memoir of My a Memoir of My Hollywood years.

  • You've written more than 20 books over the years, uh, including Children's stories and Children's novels and even some poetry.

  • How what role has poetry played in your life?

  • Because I I love it.

  • I find it incredibly soothing.

  • And enter Johnson on things with poetry, too.

  • I mean way both I know you love it, because when I've been on with you before, we've had we've sort of play that poetry in a way.

  • But it is so beautiful and it's so much.

  • The essence is a little bit like the lyrics in songs, and it's so clear and pure and I do love it.

  • I'm pretty simplistic, I suppose.

  • But, you know, I worked with my daughter Emma, and 90% of the books that we've done together, including this one that you're showing is, was helped enormously by her, and she was the one that made me write it and co authored it with me and guided me along.

  • Couldn't have done it without her.

  • And I don't think or I don't want to write with anybody else but her because we finish each other's sentences and we laugh a lot.

  • We have a good time, but she's the nuts and bolts of our little company.

  • And I'm sort of those silly flights of fancy and the good openings and the ends of the chapter and that kind of thing.

  • So now the last time we were together, we did three kings breakfast by a a.

  • Milne.

  • And this time I thought maybe we could do something original for each other.

  • And so I suggested that perhaps we could write limericks for each other.

  • And I wonder whether whether you were able to prepare one for our audience is able to be able to try.

  • And I don't know how much of a good limerick it is, But I did write one for you too.

  • I have one here too.

  • Who shall go for ladies first?

  • I don't mind.

  • I've got a lost.

  • Okay.

  • Go last.

  • Okay.

  • Here.

  • I've got one.

  • This is a limerick inspired by Julie Andrews.

  • Jewels is what it is.

  • Jewels, jewels.

  • All right, everybody calls Dame jewels.

  • All right.

  • You're a legend of stage and screen.

  • You are even made dame by the queen Today we're on Zoom, but will be in the same room when we're done with this damn quarantine.

  • Perfect.

  • Perfect.

  • You would hard to write for Stephen and you damn near gave the whole thing away early in this show.

  • But here's mine to you it with apologists.

  • Thio, the great Limerick writer in the sky, a late night TV host named Colbert dressed from the waist up with bold flair.

  • What the camera won't show is the view from below, and it's rather a sight to behold There.

  • That is the spirit of limericks.

  • Ah, little, a little scandalous.

  • Well, there is an awful lot of them is I'm sure you well know that they are scandalous, but it can be very, very funny.

  • I teach Sunday school, Jules, I hope that's not I mean, it wasn't Did you think that was risque?

  • I think Just a Sasol.

  • Uh, risque.

  • Ah, Friesen off naughtiness which?

  • No, no, no.

  • I was simply referring to your socks.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • The book homework is available now in paperback.

  • Dame Julie Andrews, everybody.

  • We'll be right back with a performance by Sam Smith.

  • Thank you, Jules.

Hey, everybody, we're back with the author of Homework, Julie Andrews.

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Julie Andrews And Stephen Write And Perform Limericks For Each Other

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