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  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • My name is Tremmel Gomez, and I'm pleased to cook for you the national dish of my home country of Guyana, and it's called pepper Pot.

  • Now, every mention of this dish brings that warm, loving feeling of Christmas time.

  • Because this deliciously rich spice meat stew served with bread is popular on Christmas mornings.

  • It's spicy and sweet.

  • Complex set of flavors surprisingly only needs a handful of ingredients and a big pot.

  • Here's what you'll need.

  • Gather your meat of choice.

  • Today I'm using oxtails killed beer, coffee and smoked pig tails.

  • Then you'll need your spices.

  • You can easily make your own like the one I'm using from my mother or purchase from your local West Indian or Caribbean store.

  • Let's start prepping to me.

  • Just cut them up to your desired size.

  • You can remove excess fat on pieces like the oxtail, then place the meat in the pot and add water until most of the meat is covered, throwing some salt and let it boil.

  • Yeah, okay, okay.

  • As for the origins of pepper pot, it is believed that the Amerindians of Guyana created this dish as a way to preserve their meat since they did not have refrigeration.

  • So you created this nice, rich stew, and all you have to do is keep adding pieces of meat.

  • I've enjoyed growing up on this dish.

  • Each Christmas, we all just gather into the living room with some tea Milo T.

  • Or later in the afternoon, health for seconds and enjoyed with some ginger beer or whatever beverage you have.

  • You just go in, dip in, make sure not to take too much meat, because meat has to go around.

  • All Gainey's knows this dish, and it is a treasure for the country, and that's pepper pot.

  • It's very simple, just a handful of ingredients, and it's delicious.

  • Catherine, as I said, is the king maker of this dish.

Thank you.

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