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  • When you look at it, though.

  • Jimmy G.

  • Played great last week, if the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick wanted Jimmy G to take over at some point, regardless, if the franchise tag was coming and they would have had to pay him $30 million or whatever the case is, if they really wanted him that bad to take over for Tom Brady, they would have kept him.

  • They were the captain.

  • Do you look back, If you Bill Belichick and say to yourself, You know, if I just had Jimmy G, I wouldn't have had to go out in draft Jared Stein, Um, or find Cam Newton and sign him.

  • I would have my quarterback in play.

  • Clearly, he didn't feel that way about Jimmy G at the time because Tom Brady's future was coming to a close for the New England Patriots at some point, whether it was last year, two years from now, it was going to at some point.

  • And And if you have your air parent, that's their much like the Green Bay Packers deal with Brett Farve or the San Francisco 40 Niners deal with Joe Montana, all legends, and on there are in their organizations that want Super Bowls.

  • They moved on.

  • Montana moved on the Kansas City Steve Young takes over, Brett Farve moves on to the Jets, and Rodgers takes over its You could point to those examples and say, Well, they could have done that with Tom if they felt that that Jimmy G.

  • Was the guy.

  • Clearly they didn't feel that way, no question about it.

  • And look, if you can trade Joe Montana and you can trade Brett Farve, you can certainly trade Jimmy Garoppolo.

  • One quick note.

  • A look back at how that pick it was a second round pick.

  • People woke up in the morning and said, Wait a minute.

  • They just traded Jimmy G for a loan.

  • Second round pick John Lynch picked up the phone.

  • Lynch had always joked over the years.

  • He picked up the phone and said, Hey, Bill, um hey, uh, is Tom available and and he's No, I just had to kick the tires.

  • Well, you know, Tom's a Bay Area got is, uh is Jimmy G available?

  • And there's a lot of people that believe.

  • Why did Belichick, yet just a second round pick?

  • Well, the Pats turned it into seven total players eventually, most notably eventually.

  • Getting Jared's did him.

  • What he thought was the heir apparent will wait to see on that.

  • There was also key.

  • A lot of people that thought that he picked up the phone to call John Lynch.

  • John Lynch had played for Mike Shanahan in Denver.

  • Mike Shannon is one of the very few coaches that has gotten over on Bill Belichick more than a lot of other people, and many people thought there was just a relationship there.

  • The relationship with Kyle, his son, all of that made it happen.

  • And there was a lot more to the trade than just satisfying Tom Brady.

  • You can't argue with Bill Belichick.

  • Six record of moving on from players that played for him in terms of trades.

  • I mean, Richard Seymour probably gave up a little too early for Richard Seymour because he turned in to be an All Pro for the for the Raiders at the time when they were in Oakland.

  • But if you start to look at some of the other players, whether it was a Drew Bledsoe or Lawyer Milloy or whether it was a Dion branch I mean, he got something for those guys and they were different players than they were under him in New England.

  • I mean, you can't argue with that, right?

  • So when he decides that he's moving on from this particular player and you say to yourself, Well, why would he do it?

  • He's young, He's great.

  • He's this.

  • Did the 40 Niners really get their franchise quarterback?

  • Because after trading for him, they started flirting with Tom Brady?

  • Right?

  • And there's also some stories.

  • Is it possible that if things don't work out with camp since he's gone on one year deal with the possibility of Jimmy G returning to New England next year, that's only floated because he hasn't satisfied many fans in San Francisco this year despite that Super Bowl in And And Cam hasn't satisfied many fans in Boston area as well, based on the two and three start.

  • But he's played well other than this past game.

  • I would take the previous games that he's played in and say okay, if he gets he wins the division, he gets him to the playoffs.

  • I'm looking at Cam Newton as the next three years is the future quarterback of the New England Patriots.

  • How can you move on from a guy that has done that who continue to grow within your system?

  • I know a lot of people argue all the time.

  • Well, if he stays healthy, if he stays healthy, that's not true.

  • Like the dude if the dude over the life of his his career in the NFL Mr 2019 season in 14 games.

  • Prior to that, if you take the 2019 season out and you average it 0.256 point 256 games that he's missed in his career in the National Football League prior to 2019 he's missed 24 five games.

  • Do the injury.

  • Five prior to 2019 which was a large scope.

  • And I compare him the guy that likes Oven Aaron Rodgers because just without doing any research, and just in my mind, I'm like Aaron.

  • Rodgers has missed a lot of games in the NFL since becoming a starter.

  • If you look at Aaron Rodgers, his 1.5 in 12 seasons, 1.5 a big year in 2017 when he missed nine in 2013 when he missed seven 10 1 in 2010 and one in 2011.

  • But I never hear anybody say if an Rodger stays healthy, the only reason why you're saying if camp stays healthy is because he missed one full season, basically, in 2019 the guys healthy.

  • Now you gotta let it play out.

  • As as an Rogers say, Relax.

  • If he's a if Cam Newton becomes Ah bust in New England, I'll be the first to tell you he just doesn't have it anymore.

  • But it's too early to start to say, Get rid of can move on.

  • Let's go get Jimmy G.

  • He was our guy because if he was your guy, you have kept it.

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When you look at it, though.

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