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  • Ooh, here.

  • That sounds pretty scary.

  • But you know what?

  • It's just the wind.

  • Wind is just a kind of weather, like rain or snow.

  • It's not so spooky when you learn what it is.

  • Whoa, oh, something's in the air.

  • Feelings.

  • Get what?

  • Pumpkins everywhere.

  • Staring at everyone.

  • Costumes, decorations You can dream.

  • It's how you know it's It's Ricky's trick or treat.

  • You know it's Halloween.

  • It's Ricky's trick or treats.

  • Ready to jump.

  • Everybody say Boo, Turn the music up.

  • It's a goose bumping group.

  • Neikie dances.

  • Trouble Italian.

  • No, it's Halloween.

  • It's Ricky's trick or treat.

  • It's, you know it's Halloween.

  • It's Ricky's friend treats number todo no matter where.

  • If it's near or events by, we'll find out the fun is gonna get its Mickey's trick or trees.

  • Whatever you are.

  • Okay, address of Go story, which on?

  • Let your spirit show how, really, What's here?

  • You say trick, Jake.

  • Jeez, that's how you know it's It's what?

  • Trick or treat you know, it's making strong everybody's You know it's Halloween.

  • Uh huh.

  • Yeah.

  • Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

  • Halloween will be way.

  • Need some decorations to scoop.

  • Get by this room point I can't wait.

  • Some paper and crayons, some string and fabric to Let's make our own creations.

  • I think most people do spiders crawling, pumpkin smiling, booster floating.

  • That's airflow with everywhere, right?

  • Fine.

  • On a house.

  • Every ways he's looking great.

  • Make your space a haunted place Anything you dream, you know?

  • Yeah.

  • What's gonna be What's gonna be?

  • What you're gonna be for Halloween?

  • Oh, the moon is full.

  • October's here There's excitement in the air It's a time for fun and dressed it up Don't think about what you could be a doctor, a rock star Track it on what?

  • The hero from your favorite show.

  • Whatever you I know what you're gonna be what you gotta be what you're gonna be for Halloween What you're gonna be what you're gonna be what you gonna be for a total transformation with your nation.

  • Isn't it fun to dress up what you're gonna be what you're gonna be what you're gonna be for?

  • Hello.

  • Was excited for help.

  • Yeah, guns must be Halloween.

  • It's appealing.

  • Exciting.

  • Have a flashlight.

  • The only thing when someone says Bill is job.

  • Yeah, so I think it's stopping him popping so every 321 And today, tonight we can move it.

  • Yeah, yeah, Something's in the air.

Ooh, here.

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Every Mickey Mouse Halloween Music Video ?| Compilation | Mickey's Trick or Treats | Disney Junior

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