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  • Google pay could be used to make contact less payments and stores to make purchases online and to send money to friends and family.

  • Here's how to use it usar clickable sections below to keep track of what step you're on during this tutorial, once installed from the Google Play Store, opened the Google pay app and press.

  • Get started.

  • Connect your Gmail account.

  • If you want.

  • Google pay to easily find things like coupons and boarding passes, then select your location preference.

  • It looks like Google pay has already found a best Western rewards account, which it has put in its past His category.

  • Toe.

  • Add a card for payment, you compress on payment at the bottom and then press the payment method button.

  • You can link a credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

  • Go through the prompts of adding the card, and Google will then verify its you.

  • Before you use your new payment method, you may need to add more details to a card.

  • If it prompts you to set up in store payments, you can change what card you use as your default in store payment.

  • By pressing on the card and choosing the default for in store payments.

  • Option once you are verified and your cards air set up, Here's how you can use Google.

  • Pay in a store using Google pay and store is only available for Android users.

  • Make sure NFC is enabled on your phone in its settings and that contact less payments are on and set to Google pay.

  • If the stores payment terminal except Scougall pay, it will typically have one of these symbols on it.

  • Unlock your phone.

  • You do not need to open the Google pay up.

  • Position the back of your phone close to the payment terminal for a few seconds.

  • The placement of where to put your phone will vary based on the terminal.

  • If you see a contact less payment symbol, try to get close to that.

  • You may be required to enter your pin or use the fingerprint reader, but after a moment you should see a check mark.

  • Appear indicating that the purchase is complete.

  • When you're paying for something online, you may notice Google pay as an option.

  • Press it and follow the prompts when you are ready to check out to send money to someone using Google pay Press the send button, then press the send or request button search for your recipient using a phone number or email address, or choose it from your contacts.

  • Choose your amount.

  • Impressed, sent.

  • Google recommends adding a debit card to send the money, which is also one of the fastest methods of transfer.

  • You can also add a bank account or a Google pay balance.

  • To make the transfer.

  • Your recipient must also use Google pay and claim the money within 14 days or it will be returned back Thio.

Google pay could be used to make contact less payments and stores to make purchases online and to send money to friends and family.

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