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  • all right, I want to get to a current All Star who is extension eligible this offseason.

  • Bam Otto bio.

  • Last week during Pat Riley's end of season news conference, he called Bam a quote cornerstone of the heat.

  • He said, It's in our best interest to do the right thing by him.

  • Zach, you are the driver off the bam wagon.

  • Um, look, anyone who wants to trade there it is.

  • Anyone who wants to trade for bam should not call the heat, Apparently.

  • But what do you think about that extension that he is eligible for?

  • Because there is a feeling of Oh, can you have the South bam?

  • Just wait a year that will give us more room in the cap, blah, blah, blah.

  • I don't know if he's gonna wanna wait that long.

  • Well, and you could understand why he would say, Why should I wait that long?

  • I just was outstanding the entire playoffs.

  • I was arguably our best player until the finals.

  • Then I played hurt in the finals and and gave it a go.

  • And yeah, give me the money now.

  • But I'm a Max player.

  • Give me the max.

  • As for the trades.

  • Yeah, for all practical practical purposes, Bam!

  • Out of bio is untouchable.

  • No one is getting bam out of bio from the Heat in any deal that exists in real life.

  • The guy has proven himself in All Star and now it all n b a level player.

  • And I'm not putting a ceiling on him yet.

  • That guy, that's how good he's been.

  • I think Ban has been great.

  • He's definitely a Max player.

  • He should be untouchable.

  • Um, but at the same time, we have to understand that.

  • Oh, excuse me.

  • E had to sneeze.

  • Miami sneeze in public right now that will freak out, held it in my Miami got A With all due respect to what they accomplished, they gotta I think they're a little bit ahead of schedule even though what they thought, you know.

  • Obviously, Jimmy thought they could make the funds, but I think of the organization they thought we still have a young team were growing.

  • I think they skip some steps this year, and I hope that little taste of success doesn't hurry their process.

  • You know, I think bam's important.

  • I think Tyler heroes important, But I think if they're going to try to make a run back.

  • They may try to throw maybe a Tyler hero in some of the other younger players into a trade to get that third consistent score.

  • So, like I said, I hope that that that that little taste of the finals and and and, uh, wanting to win a ring doesn't hurry up their process because they have a great young corn.

  • I'd like to see them stay together for a while.

  • I would also just say that whole idea of Hey helped the team out.

  • Put it off a year.

  • It will give us more room and more flexibility.

  • It hasn't gone great for some other situations, and you only need to look as faras next door to Jimmy Butler right down the locker room.

  • Who was told that by the Timberwolves and got so frustrated?

  • Well, we know what we know what happened there, but even with situations that worked out more amicably, right, didn't I mean there's a different situation?

  • But Zach, the Utah Jazz didn't make Gordon Hayward the offer.

  • He expected the year that he expected it, and when it came time years later to decide if he wanted to stay with the team, is a free agent or not factored into his decision, right?

  • I mean, you have to escort.

  • And I know he's hinted at that in the past that they matched an offer sheet from the Hornets.

  • I believe the archetype of this situation was Kawhi Leonard with the Spurs.

  • They asked Kawhi Leonard toe weight on his Max extension to keep his little cap hold on and sign LaMarcus Aldridge.

  • And it worked.

  • And I don't know what role that played in whatever happened between Hawaii and San Antonio.

  • But you know, it's yeah, of course.

  • It would be convenient to have more cap space for next summer when a lot of guys are free agents, including honest.

  • But you know, there's a certain point where if bam feels he's earned it and and he would be completely justified, you know, you can promise him everything you say.

  • You could say after next year, 100% blood with all that.

  • But you know, it's always nice to have it done and locked in and not hanging over your head, and you could understand why he and his agent would say we've earned it.

  • Well, I think the consistency of superstars getting heard of late is a reason why you don't listen any of that.

  • Like Miami knows what they have.

  • This guy's continuing to get better.

  • First time All Star Well, faceted can do everything on the court.

  • Pay him or lose him at the end of day is what I think, because you see a DaMarcus cousin where he was on the brink of touching over 200 million and he hasn't consistently been back in the rotation.

  • And you see Katie go down.

  • You see Clay, go down, you see Kyrie go down, you see Steph, go down.

  • Injuries are part of the game, and you have to understand you have to secure is much money as you can, because you only have a small amount of time, even if it's a double digit career in this league.

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all right, I want to get to a current All Star who is extension eligible this offseason.

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